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Online Blackjack – Want Yours Live in the Flesh?

By Samantha Williams Playing online blackjack is one of the very few gambling games that can be played where the house edge can be minimised to such a degree, that the casino has very little or no advantage. This makes it an incredibly unique game in a genre where the player has generally very little […]

Online Blackjack – Avoid Making Strategic Mistakes, They Don’t Pay

By Samantha Williams There are not a great many mistakes we can make when playing blackjack, the same applies to playing online blackjack, however, the ‘no mistake’ rule only applies when playing by Basic Strategy, or Basic Strategy Plus. Stick to the strategy plan, and everything turns out OK, but just in case you have […]

Betting Systems And Blackjack – Who Beats Who?

By Samantha Williams There are a number of systems people use for gambling, these are used online and off and one such a system is the negative progression system, positive progression is anther as is hedge betting. These can be used when playing Blackjack or most other casino games. The only system that casinos do […]

Blackjack Has Adapted Brilliantly to an Online Presence

By Samantha Williams Blackjack is popularly played in casinos all over the world and has been adapted for play on the internet incredibly well. The fact that this game lends itself so well to an online presence has also resulted in many variations of the game being designed by casino software companies. Websites are not […]

Online BlackJack is Good Clean Fun

By Samantha Williams If you want a game that is good clean fun, can be easily learned and is even able to make you relatively good profits, choose Black Jack. This has become one of the most popularly played casino table games and this is not surprising; it enjoys huge popularity in casino Mecca’s the […]

Know Your Blackjack Table

By Samantha Williams You have skillfully mastered the game of blackjack. You know all the tips, tricks and have your strategy in place. Is that really enough though? If you look around you, you will find that most professional blackjack players who are good have adequate knowledge on the tools that help you play as […]

The not so perfect blackjack table

By Samantha Williams A lot of gamblers have the wrong impression about black jack tables especially the ones that are not perfect or the so called imperfect ones. The truth however is that the imperfections on the black jack table don’t really affect the game at all. Imperfect tables are the ideal way to have […]

Casino blackjack – different rules for different casinos

By Samantha Williams While casino blackjack is a very popular gambling game this game can have a set of different rules depending on where you are attempting to play the game. This is not to be misunderstood thought. The basic rules of casino blackjack and how you play the game remain the same. The difference […]

Succeeding at Blackjack Gambling

By Samantha Williams Blackjack gambling is a very popular casino sport. If you are not a regular gambler or you are not familiar with the various kinds of casino gambling games that there are, you will probably best recognize this game from the fact that it is a single player against the dealer. If it […]