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5 Reasons Why Virtual Gambling is so Exciting!

By Samantha Williams Virtual gambling is one of the most exciting pastimes around. Imagine being able to have all of your favorite casino games, right in the comfort of your own home! Online casino gambling is one way that you can have fun and even win money, all on your own computer. Five reasons why […]

Legal Battle Of Caribbean Nations With U.S. Gambling Laws

By Samantha Williams  In the legality muddle of online gambling the battle is going on and on tirelessly between the governments and online gambling sites.  The tussle between the interested parties belonging to national levels centers mainly on one thing.  Is it justified to ban the online gambling transactions, while more than 54 nations have […]

Barking UP The Wrong Tree

By Samantha Williams  With expending so much energy on demonizing online gambling, isn’t the United States government barking up the wrong tree?  There are certainly other issues that the government is better off dealing with, issues that are more worth its time and need to be dealt with in the first place.  Three issues actually come […]

Online Gambling — Good or Bad?

By Samantha Williams Today, online gambling is on its peak point and proving very harmful to most of the families as children log on without their parents permission and losses thousands dollars without any safeguards or protections. Online gamblers have targeted young kids and their population is thrice the gambling problems in the adults. Online […]

Addicted to gambling?

By Samantha Williams If you gamble regularly and find the urge to stop hard to resist; you may be a gambling addict. However, how do you know that you are addicted to gambling? Here are some signs and symptoms that you may be suffering which could mean that you have gambling problems: * Has gambling […]

A New Trend in Offshore Gambling

By Samantha Williams The popularity of offshore gambling is increasing day by day due to fabulous prospects that can avail by the gamblers and gambling houses alike. Offshore gambling started a decade ago when first online gambling house opened in Caribbean Island known as Antigua (Barbuda). In result, thousands of online gambling houses opened especially […]

Will the UIGEA Bill Be Overturned?

The United States set themselves up for trouble with the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006. Finally, the dominos are in place…hopefully all we have to do now is watch them fall. Presently, there are many problems with the current legislation, and these flaws cannot be ignored by any citizen, […]

Legal Confusion with Online Horse Betting! is a website where horseracing enthusiasts can go to place bets. It is operated by the owners of the Kentucky Derby, who claim it is a legal gambling operation. Within their FAQ page, they cite a provision that was added to the anti-gambling laws in the year 2006. They interpreted the provision as protecting […]

Banning Tic-Tac-Toe Machines- What Next?

There was a disturbing article in Cleveland, Ohio’s Plain Dealer on October 11th.  Very often there is more to a story than what is reported, and I hope that everyone (or at least most people) can read in between the lines.   This story is about prohibiting cash-paying games, such as the video “tic-tac-toe” machines […]

Online Gambling Party

Have you ever gathered your friends together for a gambling party?  Has it ever turned sour or produced hard feelings among your guests?  One way to avoid this is to throw an online gambling party.   Set up a time and place as you would any gambling party, and tell your friends to bring their […]