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Legal Battle Of Caribbean Nations With U.S. Gambling Laws

By Samantha Williams  In the legality muddle of online gambling the battle is going on and on tirelessly between the governments and online gambling sites.  The tussle between the interested parties belonging to national levels centers mainly on one thing.  Is it justified to ban the online gambling transactions, while more than 54 nations have […]

Barking UP The Wrong Tree

By Samantha Williams  With expending so much energy on demonizing online gambling, isn’t the United States government barking up the wrong tree?  There are certainly other issues that the government is better off dealing with, issues that are more worth its time and need to be dealt with in the first place.  Three issues actually come […]

A Lesson Worth Learning

By Samantha Williams   Protectionism. Violation of trade agreements. Curtailing of freedom of choice.  These are all heavy handed words to throw about, but these words are exactly the things that the United States federal government has been accused of since the infamous UIGEA was signed into law.  Rather than do something good for everyone […]

A New Trend in Offshore Gambling

By Samantha Williams The popularity of offshore gambling is increasing day by day due to fabulous prospects that can avail by the gamblers and gambling houses alike. Offshore gambling started a decade ago when first online gambling house opened in Caribbean Island known as Antigua (Barbuda). In result, thousands of online gambling houses opened especially […]

UIEGA and the WTO – Implications

By Samantha Williams Probably one of the most controversial gaming changes that took place in the world of online gaming in recent history was the decision of the US Government to promulgate and sign into power the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. It has become significant during the “reign” of George Bush; that this Government […]

UIGEA Scandal

What a tangled mess! The introduction of the UIGEA was a scandal in itself, and the battle over its legality continues around the globe. Now the Unites State’s responsibility to compensate for damages is in the hands of the WTO. Also in question by many is the country’s credibility and poor judgment. Do other countries […]