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Casinos for USA Players – Legislation and Regulation are Still Pending

By Samantha Williams Although legislation and regulation are still pending with regards casinos for USA players, this does not prevent players in this country from accessing offshore web-based casinos and playing online. No matter how legal or illegal an activity this might be for gamers from this country – it is still not entirely clear […]

Casino Online Games – Toss a Coin; Who Has It Better, the US or the UK?

By Samantha Williams What is perhaps most notable about playing online casino games, is the fact that players who love a gamble, can indulge in their favourite games. They can play these games any time of the day or night, 365, and they can play them for free, for as little as a penny a […]

One of the Best Online Casinos in the US Is Also the Last Man Standing

By Samantha Williams It has been touch and go for years for some of the best online casinos in the world; what with the American market looking so exciting to operators, and yet it not really being legal to offer these games. Operators argued that UIGEA contained too many grey areas and this is how […]

US Online Casinos – The Ultimate Industry Inversion

By Samantha Williams In 2006, the United States Government passed a law we now call UIGEA. This is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act, and short of actually making online gambling in this country clearly illegal, it totally confuses matters. The Act is tagged onto an obscure Wire Act – dated 1961? – which is relevant […]

Top Online Casinos UK – Could This be a Taxing Problem?

By Samantha Williams Top online casinos in the UK have had an incredibly easy life up till now, and although the free ride is not over yet, things could be changing soon. These ‘things’ could be a taxing problem! It is not easy to understand online gambling licensing jurisdictions for the UK, but I am […]

Online Casino Games – US Players Marginalized, Are Freedoms Restricted?

By Samantha Williams On recently reading the Gore Vidal fictionalization of the life, duel with Hamilton and trial for treason of the controversial 19th century VP of the USA, Aaron Burr; there is one comment the writer claims Burr makes about freedom of speech. He says something like – I can’t remember verbatim – “US […]

For Top Online Casinos – You Will Get What You Pay For!

By Samantha Williams Much like the concept of you get what you pay for, the same applies to the world of the online casino, so to get the top online casinos, you might as well stick to the big brand names. Unfortunately US players don’t have much choice, but there are a number of Real […]

Casino Online 2010 – Sees A Turncoat or Two for the History Books?

By Samantha Williams The year of 2010 has come to a rather abrupt end as the years generally do, and there have been some interesting developments for the casino online and the US online poker industry – you have to love a bit of scandal to wind up the old year! In 2006 the Unlawful […]

The Gambling Casino – Is There any Other Type?

By Samantha Williams There is only one kind of casino and that is a gambling casino, there is no other reason why any person would pay a visit to a casino if it did not offer gambling. Imagine walking into your local bingo hall or gambling casino and them telling you, you can play the […]

Internet Gambling – Is It Legal for US Players?

By Samantha Williams The debate still rages in the US over the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). While some senate officials see it as a good thing, the more forward thinking senators realize that this act is ridiculous and should either be scrapped or amended to provide a more regulatory law rather than this […]