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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Betting Systems And Blackjack – Who Beats Who?

By Samantha Williams There are a number of systems people use for gambling, these are used online and off and one such a system is the negative progression system, positive progression is anther as is hedge betting. These can be used when playing Blackjack or most other casino games. The only system that casinos do […]

Binion and Sons, A Casino Free Of Limits

By: Samantha Williams Every now and then you come across a casino story that captures the interest of everyone. Benny Binion’s story is just such a story. He was a visionary in Las Vegas and the first to offer a fair gamble to the man in the street. It took hard work for him to […]

The Roots of Craps Is In All Human Nature

By Samantha Williams It is so interesting to note that the roots of the game of craps – namely the dice, is not necessarily the root of all evil as some anti-gambling lobbyist might have you believe; the dice actually date way back in time to pre-history. While online craps and gambling in general may […]

Online Slots – Myths, Mysteries and Monsters

By: Samantha Williams There is not really anything all that mysterious about online slots, but there are certainly a lot of myths and many monsters in this genre of game. The most popular myth is probably that players deceive themselves into believing that a discernable pattern can be tracked when playing a slots machine and […]

Sports Betting – Lucrative Entertainment with Edge on the House

By: Samantha Williams Watching sport on TV or live is entertainment in itself, and billions of sports fans do this, so extending this natural course of events, we find sports betting too. Virtually everyone who takes a wager on the outcome of a sporting event is doing this for additional entertainment and very few take […]

The Mobile Casino – For Gambling on the Go

By: Samantha Williams Just three short years ago software developers were already working on models for the mobile casino. At that stage they didn’t envisage being able to come up with a fully integrated casino platform for mobile phones any time in the next few years. It wasn’t a year later that they surprised themselves […]

Nutty Proposition Gambling By Some of the Best

By: Samantha Williams While some people believe that all gambling is degenerate, and anyone who partakes of gambling activities is a degenerate, this is not entirely true. However there are some people who just cannot resist a bet and these are generally masters of the “proposition bet”. They simply can’t resist seeing if someone else […]

Casino Promotions – Incentives For Loyal Players Or Venus Fly Trap?

By Samantha Williams Casino promotions are by no means incentives which only take place in online casinos. For as long as casinos have existed, they have given something back to the public for spending money and being loyal about it. It’s guaranteed that if casino promotions don’t take place, exoduses of players to other casinos […]