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Monthly Archives: February 2010

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot Prize Online

By Samantha Williams If you are really interested in how you can win a jackpot online, just check out one of the many casino, bingo, poker, sports betting and arcade games sites and look at some of the jackpots available. It is unbelievable the variety of games you can play these days and win, even […]

Blackjack Has Adapted Brilliantly to an Online Presence

By Samantha Williams Blackjack is popularly played in casinos all over the world and has been adapted for play on the internet incredibly well. The fact that this game lends itself so well to an online presence has also resulted in many variations of the game being designed by casino software companies. Websites are not […]

Gambling Online – Are You Fearless Enough?

By Samantha Williams Like any form of gambling, gambling online is about taking a risk and who what it said “Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks” ? Ah yes, I remember, it was Herotodus, and while this paid off big for Alexander the Great, there are very few Alexander the Great’s amongst us. […]

For a Thrill a Minute Play Slot Machines!

By Samantha Williams Slot machines have always been great fun, I remember playing one armed bandits when I was a little kid, before these machines became part of adult entertainment centres. They were always the penny machines and the typical traditional machines with cherries, bars, lemons and watermelons, but I loved them. We still love […]

Online Sports Betting – Is it Only for Fools or Horses?

By Samantha Williams Sports betting is a whole new adventure of its own, and a natural progression from the bookie shops to an online presence has taken place, as every conceivable form of gambling becomes more widely available online. Sports betting entails some skill, and to be successful it generally means you have to know […]

The Slot Machine – Myths and Maybes

By Samantha Williams There is a huge amount of information available regarding slot machines, what your chances of winning are and if the outcome of any game can be influenced by human hand. Most winning or losing strategies and myths are completely untrue; a slot machine is a slot machine is a slot machine. They […]

Craps – What a Strange Name for a Very Exciting Game!

By Samantha Williams “Craps” does somehow seem to be a strange name for what is actually a very exciting casino game. It seems almost as though it is an expletive! Although I can imagine throwing the dice, not winning, then shouting across the table, “Oh craps, I lost again!” Just thinking about this made me […]