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Learning the Ropes of Video Poker

By Samantha Williams  If you think that you can only play your favorite poker game live, you better think again. With the increased use of technology in gambling, such as RNG, you are no longer limited on what you can possibly do with the games, including poker. Today you can already take advantage of video […]

Betting Systems

By Samantha Williams Betting on the gaming tables requires skills and techniques if you want to make your bankroll last as long as it can. There is nothing more distressing than leaving the casino with barely enough money in your pocket to pay for your way home after only a few hours. Familiarizing yourself with […]

Doing Your Homework

By Samantha Williams  Everybody wants to be a winner, especially when the subject is gambling. You would not put your hard-earned cash on the table just to lose it after a few minutes. Getting books and reading helpful tips could lead you on the right path towards winning. Not all games can be left to […]

Want to Practice Gambling Online?

By Samantha Williams  Entering into the world of gambling and betting your hard-earned money on the tables without having an idea about the games you are gambling on is like walking with a blindfold in a strange alley. Just like with anything else, you have to go through intensive training and practice in order to […]

Have Fun Gambling Online

 By Samantha Williams  When people first started getting computers, games came with the computers.  The most popular game that was standard on any computer was solitaire.  People enjoyed playing casino games so much, that soon they were buying software that featured casino games. It was not long before casino games began springing up online.  At […]

Strip Poker, Anyone?

By Samantha Williams  Come on, admit it.  You have either played the game or have thought of playing the game.  After all, the game of strip poker is not limited to rowdy college students who got down on their luck at Vegas and are just consoling themselves with their losses, or who just want to […]

Is it Possible to Stop Online Gambling?

By Samantha Williams Gambling gives thrill and ego satisfaction that the winner is above the rest of others in the group. The prizes apart, it is the feeling of elation one experiences at the time of winning that kindles the spirit to indulge in gambling on innumerable varieties, sizes and specimens. Gambling is a game […]

Making a Living Gambling

By Samantha Williams Famous gunfighter, John -Doc- Holliday, who is best known for being one of the good guys in the gunfight at the OK Corral, once said that “poker is an honest trade.” Holliday knew this well. A former dentist, Holliday had to quit medicine because of tuberculosis and thus made his living playing […]

Gambling- Skill vs. Chance?

Poker is a favorite among gamblers and is, therefore, the most debated. Various courts around the world rule it unlawful because it is a game of chance. Other courts rule that it is a game of skill. Why the confusion? It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that poker is a game of skill. […]