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Sports Betting – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

By Samantha Williams Sports betting is essentially putting your money where your mouth is. In other words, taking a bet on how much you know, or how much you think you know. It is of particular appeal to fans of specific sports as well as punters with insider tips. For example the UEFA Champions League […]

Online Betting – Get Your Sports Book Offshore for Sure

By Samantha Williams Whenever I give thought to online betting the first thing that springs to my mind is proposition betting – always, I love this subject. In the UK proposition bets are cool and any bookmaker will take them, but US bookies are rather less likely to accept these bets, because the gambling commissions […]

Sports Betting – Lucrative Entertainment with Edge on the House

By: Samantha Williams Watching sport on TV or live is entertainment in itself, and billions of sports fans do this, so extending this natural course of events, we find sports betting too. Virtually everyone who takes a wager on the outcome of a sporting event is doing this for additional entertainment and very few take […]

Online Sports Betting – Is it Only for Fools or Horses?

By Samantha Williams Sports betting is a whole new adventure of its own, and a natural progression from the bookie shops to an online presence has taken place, as every conceivable form of gambling becomes more widely available online. Sports betting entails some skill, and to be successful it generally means you have to know […]

How to choose the best gambling site for sports

By Samantha Williams With technology advancing the way it is, if you are interested in sports gambling, today you no longer need to be at the venue to gamble. This true in the case of all sports whether it is the races, basketball or whatever else! But before you actually start gambling, you need to […]

Insider Secrets to Successful Sports Gambling

By Samantha Williams If you are a sports gambling enthusiast, you probably wish you could place bets in places other than Las Vegas. Now you can. As a special online gambling bonus, you can find not only the best games at online casinos, but also the best opportunities for sports gambling. Some of the best […]

New Threat To Ban Betting Online On Sports Events

By Samantha Williams  Online gambling sites are facing innumerable challenges from the law makers of certain countries to curtail their activities striking at the very root of them. The main contention of those who oppose to online gambling is that the sites are not following fair and ethical trade practices in accepting wagers in monies […]

Millions for the Millions: The 2008 Super Bowl

By Samantha Williams It’s less than a month away; it’s everybody’s choice event and it’s no surprise that while Las Vegas bookmakers are relying heavily on some wishful thinking on good returns this New Year, the expectations of the masses are heading the online Super Bowl 2008. This is one of the biggest events for […]

Legal Confusion with Online Horse Betting! is a website where horseracing enthusiasts can go to place bets. It is operated by the owners of the Kentucky Derby, who claim it is a legal gambling operation. Within their FAQ page, they cite a provision that was added to the anti-gambling laws in the year 2006. They interpreted the provision as protecting […]