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US Online Casinos – The Ultimate Industry Inversion

By Samantha Williams In 2006, the United States Government passed a law we now call UIGEA. This is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act, and short of actually making online gambling in this country clearly illegal, it totally confuses matters. The Act is tagged onto an obscure Wire Act – dated 1961? – which is relevant […]

Online Blackjack – Avoid Making Strategic Mistakes, They Don’t Pay

By Samantha Williams There are not a great many mistakes we can make when playing blackjack, the same applies to playing online blackjack, however, the ‘no mistake’ rule only applies when playing by Basic Strategy, or Basic Strategy Plus. Stick to the strategy plan, and everything turns out OK, but just in case you have […]

Play Poker – Understanding Poker Psychology Means Understanding Yourself

By Samantha Williams Play poker and undoubtedly you will find this is a head game, experts talk about poker psychology all of the time. Some players don’t get this and they believe poker psychology is all about the bluff; nothing could be further from the truth. According to Anthony Holden ~ “Whether he likes it […]

Freeslots – Find Them Wherever Turns-you-on, and Slot Until You Drop

By Samantha Williams The one thing about playing slots which can be dangerous, is that these type of games are so much fun they can become addictive. If you are playing for money every time and you don’t take care what you do, you may end up with a gambling problem, or possibly very rich! […]

The Gambling Casino – Is There any Other Type?

By Samantha Williams There is only one kind of casino and that is a gambling casino, there is no other reason why any person would pay a visit to a casino if it did not offer gambling. Imagine walking into your local bingo hall or gambling casino and them telling you, you can play the […]

Las Vegas Gambling – A Truly Unique Experience

By Samantha Williams Known as the gambling capital of the world, this city is a must visit for those who love the ‘gamble’. Las Vegas offers its visitors sights and sounds like no other and Vegas gambling is an experience that you will just not be able to replicate anywhere else in the world. With […]