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Barking UP The Wrong Tree

By Samantha Williams  With expending so much energy on demonizing online gambling, isn’t the United States government barking up the wrong tree?  There are certainly other issues that the government is better off dealing with, issues that are more worth its time and need to be dealt with in the first place.  Three issues actually come […]

A Lesson Worth Learning

By Samantha Williams   Protectionism. Violation of trade agreements. Curtailing of freedom of choice.  These are all heavy handed words to throw about, but these words are exactly the things that the United States federal government has been accused of since the infamous UIGEA was signed into law.  Rather than do something good for everyone […]

Most Popular at Games at Online Casinos

By Samantha Williams  If you dig deep into the history of gambling you’ll find that it all started with lotteries – the number game where winning was pure chance.  It is a common tendency for human beings to be self-centered in everything as to think what is in it for me?  Irrespective of territorial limitations, […]

Win Over the Slot Machines with These Tips

By Samantha Williams Numerous gamblers believe that slot machines are very easy to manipulate. They are simply electronic machines and that the player will always have the greatest edge over them. But never discount the cleverness of slot machines or of their makers. The game of odds is definitely high with them. Do you want […]

How to Play Craps Effectively

By Samantha Williams  One of the most exciting places in a casino will surely be the crap table. Unlike baccarat, which is considered to be the game of the elite, or poker, which appears to be so boring as all eyes are on the move for any good or bad hand, craps is an action-oriented […]

Online Gambling — Good or Bad?

By Samantha Williams Today, online gambling is on its peak point and proving very harmful to most of the families as children log on without their parents permission and losses thousands dollars without any safeguards or protections. Online gamblers have targeted young kids and their population is thrice the gambling problems in the adults. Online […]

A New Trend in Offshore Gambling

By Samantha Williams The popularity of offshore gambling is increasing day by day due to fabulous prospects that can avail by the gamblers and gambling houses alike. Offshore gambling started a decade ago when first online gambling house opened in Caribbean Island known as Antigua (Barbuda). In result, thousands of online gambling houses opened especially […]

Wagering on Oil Prices

We have all seen our monthly budgets expand with the ever-increasing price of oil. We watch the needle of the gas gauge in our automobile and groan as we pull into a gas station to purchase a quarter of what we used to for the same price that once filled our tanks. For those that […]

Will the UIGEA Bill Be Overturned?

The United States set themselves up for trouble with the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006. Finally, the dominos are in place…hopefully all we have to do now is watch them fall. Presently, there are many problems with the current legislation, and these flaws cannot be ignored by any citizen, […]