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The Roots of Craps Is In All Human Nature

By Samantha Williams It is so interesting to note that the roots of the game of craps – namely the dice, is not necessarily the root of all evil as some anti-gambling lobbyist might have you believe; the dice actually date way back in time to pre-history. While online craps and gambling in general may […]

Beginners Can Be Winners in Casino Craps

By Samantha Williams Casino craps may looks like an intimidating game to play, it actually isn’t. There are a lot of bets on a craps board and the important thing for beginners to learn is that there are only a handful of bets really worth placing. The balance of bets have got such high house […]

The GOD of Gambling Craps – Number “don’t say that number”!

By Samantha Williams In the game of gambling craps, it has a very clear definition of what can or shouldn’t be done, neither of these factors are governed by rules however, they are governed by good manners or etiquette if you like. They are “tacit” or unspoken rules! The first and most important for the […]

Gambling Craps – Play Free and Learn

By Samantha Williams The beauty of playing gambling games online is that new players are able to take advantage of all kinds of free offers and the ability to play for free too, until they have mastered a particular game. If you enjoy these kinds of games and let’s face it who doesn’t like games […]

Craps – What a Strange Name for a Very Exciting Game!

By Samantha Williams “Craps” does somehow seem to be a strange name for what is actually a very exciting casino game. It seems almost as though it is an expletive! Although I can imagine throwing the dice, not winning, then shouting across the table, “Oh craps, I lost again!” Just thinking about this made me […]

Casino craps and etiquette

By Samantha Williams Gambling is generally always played with a mixture of drinks and cigarettes. It is very rare that you will find a player at a table without a drink or a smoke in his mouth or something to eat. ­­Casino craps is once such game. However because of the nature of the game […]

Playing and Winning at Craps

By Samantha Williams If you are new to the game, go through an online tutorial to understand the rules of craps. This is a game that requires a mix of skill, strategy and luck. You must know the behaviours that are considered suitable at the craps table to avoid being misunderstood and summarily removed from […]

How to Play Craps Effectively

By Samantha Williams  One of the most exciting places in a casino will surely be the crap table. Unlike baccarat, which is considered to be the game of the elite, or poker, which appears to be so boring as all eyes are on the move for any good or bad hand, craps is an action-oriented […]