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A New Trend in Offshore Gambling

By Samantha Williams
The popularity of offshore gambling is increasing day by day due to fabulous prospects that can avail by the gamblers and gambling houses alike. Offshore gambling started a decade ago when first online gambling house opened in Caribbean Island known as Antigua (Barbuda). In result, thousands of online gambling houses opened especially in USA, where USA government tried futile to make this illegal. Government tried to over come the problems that were created due to gambling. Even in 2003 the trade dispute of online gambling with the Antigua and Barbuda still under discussion. USA government tries to stop the gambling business especially with Caribbean government as it was the major exporter of gambling to USA. According to WTO rules, the USA government are violating the rules of GAST General Agreement in Trade and Services. The other countries who declared the online gambling as a legal business joined these two counties in order to force the US hand.

The internet is only the possibility of offshore gambling, which offers exceptional opportunities for gamblers. The groom in offshore gambling is only because it can be worked even the laws of country do not permit it.

The technologies like lap tops, PDA and mobile phones take this business to the new heights. Because of this offshore gambling is growing by leaps and bounds. The cause behind this is the gambler can play a game from any part of the world. The only thing that you required to play this game is a computer and an internet connection. After that you will be in a gambling house where you can place your bets and what ever you want. While in traditional gambling, the presence of gambler at site is necessary. The offshore gambling is away from the house boundaries.

The impeding of offshore gambling becomes more confusing and challenging, because some one can get the license from a country who allows offshore gambling, place the web servers in other country and your target audience yet from another country. That’s why, the curbing of offshore gambling activities make impossible for the governments. Thus, no hodgepodges of legalities and regulations are applied on offshore gambling.

The question is this why the countries like USA do not apply tax and regulations on offshore gambling like United Kingdom and many other countries do? Is it due to Las Vegas has too much power in Washington? The thing that is legalized by more than 100 countries and is contributed in many yielding adults looks to be a bizarre target. I think this is only because of money lobbying from Las Vegas, but that is conjecture. What will happened next, the offshore gambling again back into the hands of mafia, where you will get a warped as always. The bookie knows that who will your favorite team and the lines can be very fluid. Perhaps poker games that are nearest to gambling will increase in popularity, that’s not bad.