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Mobile Online Gambling Casinos – Is that a Rocket in Your Pocket?

By Samantha Williams

Online gambling casinos are actually a ton of fun. These are websites that have been designed with the gambler…obviously… in mind, and we are now able to make wagers across a huge variety of games. Although casino websites have been around for a very long time, the internet is still new to many people – is it new to you?

The days are long gone when people were compelled to visit Las Vegas or London to gamble, and we have modern technology to thank. Today players don’t even need to access the casino from a fixed internet point such as a PC – everything is going mobile. Players use iPads, iPhones, Smart-phones and even standard mobile telephones to play casino games, so, if you see a large bulge in someone’s pocket, you can pretty much guaranteed that the bulge won’t be a rocket, but it could be that persons favourite casinos online, as well as their way of staying in touch with the rest of the world.

Playing online for money is right at the tips of your fingers… in the palm of your hands today, so we can also guarantee that winning is that easy too!

When smart phones first took markets by storm they soon gathered a loyal fan-base. The online gambling industry took advantage of this burgeoning trend very smartly and started making smart choices in the way that they do business. And although, it has taken longer than was initially expected for the mobile gambling trend to take off, it has now taken off like a bat out of hell, thanks to social networking such as Facebook by mobile phone.

The industry is now experiencing mahoosive surges in growth, something akin to how online gambling casinos took off when high-speed broadband first became freely available. Smartphone products are so popular that when new models are released, anyone would think a fire-sale was taking place outside of the stores where they are first expected. In anticipation of snatching up the trendiest new hand-sets – which are even considered to be a ‘fashion’ accessory’ – people will queue for blocks; even camp out all night in the cold, wet and rain, in an attempt to get their hands on the latest and greatest devices.

The biggest news is that these ‘rocket in the pocket’ people are not to a great degree, current online gamblers – they are a whole new breed, a new generation of smart-phone users who are learning to gamble online and loving it. So, a whole new player base has been created for online gambling casinos, bingo sites, poker rooms, Vegas games, arcade games for money, financial spread-betting,  and in particular, online sports bettors. Online sports betting is a huge deal at the moment, with more than just massive growth being seen in this sector of an already popular industry.