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Best Online Casinos – What Constitutes “The Best”?

By Samantha Williams

While there are many factors which determine what makes the best online casinos, one of the most important is the casino software platform, as this is what drives and designs the games, as well as performs all other functions. Most software designs are turnkey solutions, this means they even power back office functions. The better the software is; is more often than not the top contributing factor regarding the reliability of the website.  

There are some exceptions of course, but generally speaking online casinos also have their licenses issued remotely, through the vehicle of their agreement with the software company. So, it stands to reason that if a casino website does not adhere to the strict tenets of the agreements signed with the software developer, they may be taken to task, and even have their licensed removed.

Some rogue casinos do get away with bad behaviour, but if they are licensed with a reliable software brand, they won’t get away with it for long. The best online casinos software watchdogs, soon blacklist these sites; licensing jurisdictions take them to task, and bad news gets around online fast. Fortunately rogue casinos are very few and far between.

So, we determine that software is vitally important for stability, security, trust, reliability, customer service and all things good.  All online gamblers should take this matter seriously and put a good deal of thought into the online casino websites they choose.  What is strange is that many players do not. While luck counts when playing casinos games, it is not luck that determines the best online casinos, and the best can be found by using a good casino guide. The player is not compelled to wade through every site they come across; playing in trial and error.

The software a gambling site operates on, tells us volumes about the product. It indicates what the player can expect, and when this is coupled with a big brand name, the prospects are even better. For example William Hill casino operates for UK players off the Playtech software platform and this is a very good brand. As far as online ‘only’ brands are concerned, 32 Red operates off Microgaming and this is also a very good site. But there are many more, and any well-recognised brand name on a good software platform should not set off any warning bells.

The security, flexibility and choice of games on both of the above-mentioned brands are nothing short of brilliant, but this does not make them the best software options out there. Net Entertainment is also a simply fantastic software platform which offers games that are to say the least – mind-blowing; an excellent brand!

Personally, I would stick to all three or one of the three of these brands, unless I was an ‘under-the-radar’ player from the USA, in which case software is an entirely different matter.