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Strip Poker


Strip Poker

Strip poker is a variant of the card game in which rules require players to remove articles of clothing in response to various events.

Rules of the game:

The game can be played based on variety of pokers. With the same numbers of players dealing and betting rules etc. There are number of ways in which the rules can then be developed into strip poker. At the end of the game:

The player with the worse card has to remove a piece of their clothing.
The player who loses most in the round must remove their clothing.
The player with the best hand must remove from them.
The player with the best hand must choose which player must lose an article.
All players except the winner of the hand lose an article. Note that this makes for an extremely brief game, unless fully-nude players are required to perform some action when they lose a hand, in which case it may even continue after all players are nude.

Alternatively, whenever a player runs out of chips, they must trade a piece of clothing for a new (usually fixed) number of chips.

If players are then allowed to "buy back" clothing when they have won more chips, this can result in a zero-sum game, where there is no long-term net loss of clothing. (With two people, this will have the consequence that only one of them is missing clothing.) (Note that "buying back" may be disallowed, so that the aggregate nudity is always increasing.)

As a further variant, players who have lost all of their clothing, achieving nudity, must perform sex acts.

Rules of card games:

The basic idea is to play a game of poker in which the losers have to remove items of clothing. There are a number of different ways in which this can be organized.

1. Play a game of poker without betting - maybe draw poker with a showdown after everyone has drawn the cards they need. The player with the worst hand (or maybe every player except the winner) must remove an item of clothing. This version is described in more detail on the Sunshine Nudist Club site.

2. Poker with betting. The levels of bet are various combinations of truth, dares and removal of clothing.

3. Again, poker in which each player has a limited supply of chips. Anyone who runs out of chips has to remove an item of clothing to buy more. This version could be rather slow, but it is the basis of some of the Strip Poker software that has begun to appear.






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