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Online Video Poker Game

Play Online Video Poker Game

There's no substantive difference between online video poker game and standard draw poker except that with the former it's just you versus the machine. Many people steer clear of the poker tables at casinos because there are too many intangibles. You never know for sure if you're sitting down with a bunch of tourists or a set of disciplined card sharks. One of the most common forms of online poker is called "jacks or better."

With online video poker game, there are no other players to worry about. The machine deals you five cards, of which you may keep as many as you'd like. If you're dealt pure junk, it's advisable to take a fresh five cards. If you have even a pair, however, you'll want to hold onto it, even if it ranks below a pair of jacks.

The game then rewards you with a number of points that corresponds with the strength of your hand. You can continue playing as long as there are points in your bank, and you can cash out at any point you choose. Nearly every online casino offers online video poker game, which is as easy to learn as it is to play.

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As with regular poker, online video poker game deals you five cards from a standard deck. It's important to note that different machines will use varying numbers of decks in their virtual "shoe." While these are typically four, six, or eight decks, there are some casinos that offer five, seven, and even nine. Typically, the more decks in a shoe, the greater the house advantage since it's increasingly difficult to count cards. But there's little card counting in poker, so the total number shouldn't really matter.

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Unlike standard poker, you can choose five new cards when gambling online. If you've been dealt no better than matching jacks, it's usually advisable to start afresh with five new cards. If you have a ranking pair, however, you may draw one, two, or three new cards in order to assemble the best hand possible. You're then awarded points based on the strength of that hand, which translate into different cash amounts.





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