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Best Online Poker Sites

Best Online Poker Sites


Here you get all about online pokerů

All of the best online poker sites have been compiled and ranked by winning poker players .There are many websites out there that give ratings for the various sites, but actually few that have serious poker players review each room to determine which is the best poker site.

Poker Room is the fastest growing poker room, with great sign-up bonuses and Mac compatible software. Poker Room is supposedly the site that was/is popular with European players for whatever reason. While it was semi-popular in the past, its player base has been slowly dwindling, to the point that there are usually 500 or so players on at any one time. The software on Poker room has a very different look than any other site, which is a good or bad thing depending on your personal preference. One highlight about their software however is that it can be played over the web through your browser, which enables Macintosh and Linux users to play at Poker Room. This is the only poker site that supports all operating systems in this regard. Security is SSL encryption standard and support I've heard is in line with other sites. Players at Poker room are known to be of the passive, calling sort. Poker Room sprouts the same promotion as Empire Poker and also requires players to play a certain number of hands before receiving the bonus (almost all sites do this however).

Poker Stars is very high quality & best online poker site, with 5-star customer service, promotions and tournaments. Poker Stars generally has the reputation of being the 2nd most popular site behind Party Poker, with around 5,000 - 8,000 players at the site at any given time. Poker Stars took a quick lesson from Party's success on the WPT and began their own TV advertising campaign touting Chris Moneymaker, who "turned $40 into $2.5 million".

Planet Poker was the very first and best online poker site that we played at. It was probably for the better, as it made me I know, a better player. This was of course, because the games at Planet were tougher than other online poker sites at the time, mainly due to the fact that Planet was losing players. I personally don't understand why as their software is the best. It has a very professional look and feel that most online sites lack. Support is great and they had all the regular security features in place like collusion monitoring and SSL encryption.

Party Poker is the most popular online poker site, with the largest player base and easy games. Party Poker currently ranks as the most popular poker site on the Internet, with over three times the player base of its closest competitor, Poker Stars. Most of this is due to the huge popularity of the World Poker Tour, which Party Poker heavily advertised on during the WPT's first season. As a result, Party has seen the most growth and also accumulated the largest base of new players of all the poker sites. Party Poker's software and lobby is geared is concise easy to use and navigate. The only drawback is that it does lack extra table information that expert players prefer, such as flop percentages. Graphics and sounds are colorful and brief, which is good enough to grab your attention but not so overwhelming that it distracts you.

Simply the best online poker site on the web! Paradise Poker offers live poker games 24 hrs a day 365 days a year! Paradise offers its players plenty of great promotions, where we give away tons of money. Progressive bad beat jackpots, 10% deposit bonuses and landmark hand number jackpots are just an example of the promotions offered in Paradise.






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