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Texas Gambling Laws

by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
July 12, 2006

Why Texas??

The name of Texas catches is eye due to several reasons but the prime importance over here is that the stringent rules in the region. Recently this sector has been brought under his regulation o the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, thus giving impetus to testate economy too. The state of USA has gained fabulous rate of the economic growth because of the unprecedented growth in its gambling arena. The USA generates around US$600 million in a year as its turn out.  Thus the presence of these gambling activities or he gambler places has given rise to a variety of well-developed casinos and resorts. These resorts cater to a mass audience with equal amount of ease, accuracy and swiftness. Thus the legislation of certain rules becomes very mandatory in such a situation.

The Rules

The Texas is the Buzzword in the newer and the fast growing arena of the gamble world.  The look into the rules is an affirmative defense to the prosecutions under sections 47.04, 47.05, 45.002(2). The gambling has to be a registered trademark. The acts in the Texas: DM-396, L094-71, GA299, L093-65, GA331, L096-112, DM304, JC 325,JM363, JC208, GA333, JC466, JC451, JC22LO94-58L096-140.these codes establish a system of prohibition, penalties and correctional measures to deal with the conduct that unjustifiably occurs. To insure the public safety, to rehabilitates the one convicted, to safeguard the conduct that is without guilt, to define scope of state interest in law, no other government or any other institution can enforce Th e other laws, The criminal laws also follow---Betting, gambling, wagering exception for prohibition, Gambling penalties on certain offences, penalty for the use of the public money, additional fine against the winning gambler for the amount won, keeping or the exhibition of the gambling machines is an offence.

The punishments are:

These are capital Felony, First degree Felony punishment, second degree felony punishment, class A misdemeanor, class B misdemeanor, class c misdemeanor, State Jail Felony punishment, use of the prior convictions. The convicts may not always be caught, because of certain reasons. The civic sense of the player should always be in mind.  Thus preventing the other side effects that are caused by the gambling’s, most of it being the excessive loss of ones’ money and its aftermath on the players’ family.   





























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