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High Roller Bonus Casino - Big Bonus Casino - Online Casino Bonus
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High Roller Bonus Casinos

Are you a High Roller? Then the following list of casinos is for you. These casinos offer High Roller's much higher incentive then the average player receives. As always, I will stand behind you if you ever have a problem with any of these quality casinos. See my pledge.






City Club Casino

Deposit ~ Varies by Bonus Offer

High Roller Casino Bonus  ~ $2,450 redeemable high roller bonus

Matching Casino Bonus  ~ $700

Fortune Room Casino

Deposit ~ $20.00 up to $500.00

High Roller Casino Bonus  ~ 50% of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd deposits >> totaling $750.00 in free bonuses

Vegas Villa Casino

Deposit ~ $20.00 up to $1000.00

High Roller Casino Bonus  ~ 30% of deposit

Club Dice Casino

Deposit ~ $3000.00

High Roller Casino Bonus  ~ $1000.00

Millionaire Casino

Deposit ~ $250.00 up to $350.00

High Roller Casino Bonus  ~ 100% of deposit

Casino On Net

Deposit ~ $50.00 up to $1000.00

High Roller Casino Bonus ~ 20% of deposit

USA Casino 

Deposit ~ $300.00

High Roller Casino Bonus  ~ $555.00

Magic Trump Casino

Deposit ~ $25.00 up to $500.00

High Roller Bonus ~ 350% of deposit

Casino Las Vegas

Deposit ~ $1000.00

High Roller Casino Bonus  ~ 22.5% of deposit (other high roller bonuses available)

Cirrus Casino

Deposit ~ $500.00 up to $1999.00

High Roller Casino Bonus  ~ 50% of deposit

High Roller Casinos - The Thrill of High Stake Gambling

Picture the scene. A smart venue with exquisite décor and comfortable furnishings where men in black suits and bow-ties join women in glamorous women in expensive gowns at wagering tables where emotions run high and the stakes are even higher. The atmosphere is electric. Welcome to the world of the high roller casino.

The High Roller Casino

A high roller casino is, put simply, a casino that has very high table limits. While you'd once have to put on your best suit, shine your shoes and make sure your beard was perfectly trimmed before stepping inside, the advent of online high roller casinos has opened up the world of high stake gambling to anybody who fancies a big bet without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of home.

With the ease of access that online high roller casinos offer, even the most dare-devil high rollers, usually found only at the tables of the very best casinos, are turning to online gambling. At no more than a twist of a card or the roll of a dice, vast fortunes can exchange hands.

Becoming a High Roller

If you have an appetite for gambling and would like to try an online high roller casino, you'll be pleased to know that there's already a huge choice available and more are under development.

Make sure you understand the rules of the game before you start and you'll soon find yourself having just as much fun during your online high roller casino sessions as you would expect to have at a traditional land based casino. But with nothing other than bets to spend your money on, you'll have even more cash available to put on the virtual tables.

Because competition amongst high roller casinos is high, look for the bonuses that

many are offering on sign up. Some offer to match your first deposit by 100% up to several hundred dollars while others have valuable loyalty schemes for those who play at least once a week.

The Advantages of Playing Online

You'll be pleased to learn that playing at an online high roller casino is more advantageous for the player than is the case when betting at offline casinos. High roller casinos on the Internet have winning percentages of around 95% or higher while their offline equivalents offer approximately 5 percent lower. That may not sound a lot but when the stakes are high, five percent can mean a lot of money.

Many high roller casinos on the Internet have private gambling sessions so you can enjoy a private game of poker with friends you've met online. Experience all the excitement and tension you'd expect from a game where the stakes run high, but where comfort and convenience is at a premium and you never have to wait. If you want to play now, just log on to a high roller casino and start gambling.

Remember, you can beat the odds, but you can't beat the percentages.
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Online Gambling Guide featuring Best Online Casinos,
Online Gambling Payouts and recommendations for Gambling online