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Online Gambling Guide by Jerry Whittaker…
The Gambling Wiz        
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Active Gambling

by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
July 10, 2006

The word active gambling means he various forms of gambling played in one with the active participation of every individual. The rate of active players is ever-increasing because this form of laying a bet involves a lot of people and brings in the equal amount of excitement. Most of the gambles play till their bankroll is complete. It is a $20 million service. Through the nine month of the fiscal year 2006, base revenues increased $620 million or round about 3.3% from an amount of $18.940 billion to $ 19.560.The growth is due to increase in the economic driven resources and federal sources, which has transfers. The cash receipt is always $671 million or up to 4.9% increase. The gambling has become a major industry in the state.


Each bet and raising the bet during the initial round is always set on a very low structure. Mostly of the times the first two rounds are set at$5 only. The betting rounds include, betting, re betting and the cap. Any malpractice or any deviation from the law found is supposed to create chances of people or the gambler and the owner being detained and the license is generally confiscated. If the swindling is on the part of the bet layer then he has to pay severe penalty. All the customers’ accounts are held confidential. The players need to confirm their bets with the operator. There fore this require a constant patrolling of the gambling license holders. All betting payoffs are calculated on the odds. The types are Baccarat, poker, casino, bingo, horse racing, soccer, basketball, football, craps, slots, euchre, Sg truco.

The ill effects of gambling:

There are various phases in gambling too. The winning phase: this is the rosy period for the gambler because psychologically he is a winner. The Losing Phase; this stage makes him brag about his winning but then the starts to chase the winning. The Desperation Phase: the player becomes absolutely impatience and continues to shell his complete bankroll to prove it that he will win. After this follows the Hopeless phase in which the player has lost everything this starts affecting   him socio-economically. This causes san adverse effect on his family. The addiction of gambling is generally termed as “Hidden illness ". The teens are three times, more addicted to gambling than the other age –groups. Such a type of gambler is addicted to the thrill factor of it, thus only the upsurge of the adrenaline becomes his or her victory.





























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