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Stop Gambling

by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
June 24, 2006

Gambling is as old as civilization on the planet. It is usually in pursuit of entertainment that man takes to gambling. The sheer thrill of staking something precious in order to win more than what is wagered is enough for many but then there is the perpetual dreamer who believes that he can predict the outcome of the wager by computing some formula and in the bargain hoping to get rich quick. The fact of the matter is that gambling is purely speculative in nature and there is no way of predicting the outcome of the game. It is mainly chance that any one ever wins at gambling, a fact that few gamblers have come to accept.

Compulsive gambling:

Compulsive gambling is better accepted as an illness of the mind. Mostly progressive in nature with no known cure but can be arrested in its path of progress. Most compulsive gamblers think of themselves as being morally weak, but in fact they are very sick people who can recover only if they follow a simple program to the best of their ability. The first thing a compulsive gambler needs to do to stop gambling is to accept the fact that he or she is ill and understands the need to get well in order to avoid total self destruction. If a compulsive gambler does not face the fact that he or she is sick the program is sure to fail.

Can a compulsive gambler go back to normal gambling?

The answer to that question is obviously ‘no’. Sooner or later the compulsion will strike again. Once the gambler steps into irresponsible, uncontrolled gambling there will be no turning back. It is believed that most problem gamblers would abstain from gambling for long stretches of time, but when they are caught off guard they take to gambling with out a thought of the many consequences their will power eventually gives way to some silly reason for placing the bet. Gamblers who have taken to spiritual principles to aid them abstain from gambling has tided them over more than the power or reasoning and will power.

Gamblers Anonymous:

There are many gamblers anonymous organizations setup to help compulsive gamblers through out the world. Gamblers anonymous help gamblers by bringing about a character change in the gambler. Having faith and following the concepts of the Gamblers Anonymous Recovery Program accomplishes this. It must be acknowledged that there are no short cuts to gaining this faith and understanding. To recover from one of the most compulsive addictions would require industrious effort. Honesty, open mindedness, and willingness are the key words in recovering from a compulsive gambling disorder.






























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