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Gambling Treatment

by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
May 30, 2006

People who require gambling treatment come into treatment financially and emotionally depleted. Most of them put each and every penny into their addiction. Gamblers are not at all bad people. Most of them have never been in problem before. Gambling treatment is required to bring the gambling under control. It is tough for some people to understand problem gambling, but pathological gamblers do not have the choice to gamble, they are addicted. When pathological gamblers take risk, they are in a chemical psychoactive high.

How gambling is addictive

The moment the gambling is over, they slip into a chemical psychoactive low, an irritable depression they cannot stand. In time, their pleasure hormones become used up, and problem gamblers must take risk to feel normal. Pathological gamblers are not gambling for the money, they are gambling to feel usual. This is tough for some individuals to understand because gambling, like drinking, seems like a decision of will. But pathological gambling is a brain disease that is chemically and genetically driven, just as addictive as crack cocaine as with some individuals. Gambling is big business in America earning the gaming industry billions of dollars in net revenue yearly. Americans spend much more money each year on legal gambling than they do on movie tickets, recorded music, theme parks, spectator sports, and video games combined. Gambling is very attractive, mainly to people who require money.

Study of gambling treatment

The Illinois Lottery did a study to see who gambles, and found people who made less than ten thousand dollars a year gamble six times more frequently than those who earn over fifty thousand dollars a year. Some of the people know that they can win millions by risking a dollar. A current program on the Discovery Channel stated that gambling is so attractive, that when the power ball is high, ninety percent of eligible adults buy a ticket. There is no other product where the percentages are this high. The real odds of winning a state lottery are about fourteen million to one, the same odds as being hit by lightening seven times while waiting in the lottery line. Seventy years ago it was illegal to gamble anyplace in the United States. Most people who gamble take pleasure in gambling as a game; it's exciting and fun. But some citizens are wedged up in an addiction as powerful as drug addiction.

















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