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Gambling Online Resources

by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
May 17, 2006

Over the years, we have maintained the uppermost standards when comes to bringing you the most up-to-date information regarding top quality online casinos, advanced online casino gambling software, the biggest online gambling bonuses, and highest online gambling payouts. To make the most out of your online gambling experience, make certain to use the recourses provided to you by all about Gambling. Online gambling is growing in an incredible speed, while the history of the industry is still as new as the Internet itself. The world's first virtual online casino started operating on August 18, 1995 with 18 different casino games, online access to the National Indian Lottery, and strategy to launch an Internet sports book. In all, according to Rolling Good Times Online gambling magazine, there are 452 gambling-related sites on the web and more are up and running each and every day.

Economics of the gambling industry

The economics of the industry are unbelievable. While it may cost up to $300 million to build a new resort casino, some virtual casinos were urbanized for only $1.5 million and employ only few individuals as opposed to thousands at traditional casinos. ICI approximates that the company averages concerning a twenty four percent profit margin, versus the typical U.S. casino, which ranges eight percent to sixteen percent of each dollar wagered. Interactive Gaming & Communications' Sports International handled $48 million dollars in its first year of 800 telephone line operations and ready for an astounding profit.

More about the online gambling companies

Most of the online gambling companies are situated outside of the U.S. to avoid government prosecution. ICI operates out of the Turks and Caicos Islands and Wager Net is based in Belize. Site users can either send cash with the help one of the companies offering secure payment methods for the Internet or open an offshore account, a requirement for Americans to use some sites. Bets can be as small as a nickel for certain slot machines and go into the thousands of dollars. In total, around twenty million people are at present on line with a prospect of 160 million online gamblers by the year 2020. ICI has gone conventional over 40,000 registrations for its service since its beginning and registers over 7,000,000 visits per month at its site. With over $500 billion exhausted on legal and illegal gambling in the U.S. alone in 1993, it's estimated that over ninety percent of adults contribute in some form of gambling. The overall market for online betting is appraised at $49 billion worldwide.





















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