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Gambling Magazines

by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
May 5, 2006

Gabling magazines mainly include the various topics related to gambling. Gambling news, gambling places, gambling tips and strategies and articles related to gambling. The main aim of these magazines is to solve problems related to gambling and make people aware of the recent happenings in the world of gambling.

List of some magazines:

Casino City times is a magazine which deals with the latest gambling news, strategies and gambling tips given from experts. Casino Detroit is about the casinos in Detroit. Is you are looking out for something intellectual in the world of gambling then the Electronic Journal of Gambling Issues is apt for you. It deals with the social and psychological problems related to gambling and gives remedies to solve them. The Gambling Tribune is a magazine which narrated different facts related to the history of gambling and also gives out the lottery results, tips and strategies to the gamblers. publishes articles related to e-gambling. If you are looking out for a magazine which gibes you all the information regarding horse racing, casinos, sport betting, internet gaming and some travel to gaming locations then the Gambling Times should be your pick. Gambling News is for those industry professionals who are looking out for the latest industry news on online gambling. If you are a Las Vegas fan and if you want all the news related gambling in Las Vegas then the Las Vegas Insider is apt for you. Native American Casino focuses on the Indian Gambling industry. Online Gambling Guide is a magazine which provides information regarding where to gamble online, where to find the resources of online gambling and also deals with FAQs asked by beginners in online gambling. If you are a slot and video poker freak then the Strictly Slots magazine is for you.  


If you are confused as to which magazine to choose for the best gambling news then you can opt for a Free Trial Issue of the respective magazine you are interested in. once you are sure you want the subscription of that magazine you can go ahead for a subscription of 11 or 12 copies i.e. you will get a magazine every month for 1 entire year. The prices of the magazines vary from according to the one you choose.
































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