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Online Gambling Guide by Jerry Whittaker…
The Gambling Wiz        
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Best Gambling Bonus

by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
April 30, 2006

Fair or Unfair Game:

One of the most valuable uses to which a gambler can put his knowledge of probabilities is to decide whether a game or proposition is fair, or equitable. To do this a gambler must calculate his 'expectation'. A gambler's expectation is the amount he stands to win multiplied by the probability of his winning it. A game is a fair game if the gambler's expectation equals his stake. If a gambler is offered 10 units each time he tosses a head with a true coin, and pays 5 units for each toss is this fair game? The gambler's expectation is 10 units multiplied by the probability of throwing a head, which is 1/2. His expectation is 10 units = 5 units, which is what he stakes on the game, so the game is fair.

Suppose a gambler stakes 2 units on the throw of a die.  On throws of 1, 2, 3 and 6 he is paid the number of units shown, on the die.  If he throws 4 or 5 he loses is this fair? This can be calculated as above.  The probability of throwing any number is 1/6, so his expectation is 6/6 on number 6, 3/6 on number 3, 2/6 on number 2 and 1/6 on number 1.

His total expectation is therefore 6/6+3/6+2/6+1/6, which equals 2, the stake for a throw, so the game is fair.

When we talk of fair games, there is another aspect to the question, which experienced gamblers know about, and which all gamblers must remember.  If a game is fair by the above criterion, it nevertheless is still true that if it is played until one player loses all his money, then the player who started with most money has the better chance of winning.  The richer man's will earn more.

Games, which are Fair
, is usually based on skill so chances of winning are good for person with good skill.

 Video poker
 Pai Gow Poker
 Sports betting
 Horse racing
 Slot machines

Games which are unfair
mean Casino owner has an edge.

1. Baccarat,
2. Craps,
3. Roulette (unless physical prediction is used),
4. Keno Casino war Faro (All but extinct),
5. Pachinko,
6. Sic Bo Fan-Tan,
7. Let It Ride,
8. 3-card Poker,
9. 4-card poker,
10. Red Dog.

Gambling houses provide gambler with bonuses for attraction. This is given when a person wins. Following is the list of Houses who provide best bonus.

01. Europa Casino                                   $2,400
02. 50 Stars Casino                                 $2000
03. Phoenician Casino                              $1200
04. Vegas Red Casino                               $888
05. Casino Del Rio                                    $600
06 Magic Box Casino                                $567
07. Casino Las Vegas                               $400
08. Swiss Casino                                     $400




















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