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Gambling Addictions

by Jerry "Jet" Whittaker
April 18, 2006

The addiction is a compulsion to repeat a behavior regardless of its consequences. A person who is addicted is sometimes called an addict. There is a lack of senses as to what may be properly be termed addiction. Some within the medical community maintain a rigid definition of addiction and contend that the term is only applicable to a process of escalating drug or alcohol use as a result of repeated exposure. The addiction is often applied to compulsive behaviors other than drug use, such as overeating or gambling. In all the cases, the term addiction describes a chronic pattern of behavior that continues despite the direct or indirect adverse consequences that result from engaging in the behavior. It is quite common for an addict to express the desire to stop their behavior, but find himself is unable to quit the gambling.

Treatment of addicted gamblers:

The people who need gambling treatment come into treatment financially and emotionally useless. Most of them put every penny into their addiction. The gamblers are not bad people. Most of them have never been in trouble before. The gambling management is needed to bring the gambling under control. It is very difficult for some people to understand problem gambling, but pathological gamblers do not have the preference to gamble, they are addicted. When the pathological gamblers gamble, they are in a chemical psychoactive high. The moment of the gambling is over; they slip into a chemical psychoactive low, an irritable hopelessness they cannot put up with. In the time, their satisfaction hormones become used up, and problem gamblers must gamble to feel customary. The pathological gamblers are not gambling for the money; they are gambling to feel normal. This is difficult for some those to comprehend because gambling, like drinking, seems like a conclusion of will. But pathological gambling is a brain disease that is chemically and heritably driven, just as addictive as split cocaine in certain individuals.  The gambling is very attractive, for the most part to the people who need money. The Illinois Lottery did a study to see who gambles, and originates people who made less than ten thousand dollars a year gamble six times more often than those who earn over fifty thousand dollars a year. People know they can win millions by risking a dollar. A recent program on the It has stated that gambling is so attractive, that when the power ball is high, ninety percent of ample adults buy a ticket. There is no other commodity where the percentages are this high. The real odds of winning a state lottery are approximately fourteen million to one, the same possibility as being hit by lightening seven times while ahead of you in the lottery line. Most of the people get addicted to the gamble because of money and they start having drugs with gambling.




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