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Best Online Gambling Payouts by Jerry Whittaker…

The Gambling Wiz        
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"Online Gambling Guide focuses on the best online gambling games as well as the Best online gambling sites to increase your odds of winning."
- Jerry Whittaker        

Best Gambling & Casino Payouts

June 2006

The following casinos publish their monthly payouts that are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers. There is normally a time lag of 1 to 2 months between the end of the month and the issuance of the auditor report. I constantly monitor the payout percentages and will not recommend a casino whose payouts vary wildly from month to month. This normally means that there is very limited play at these casinos. I have highlighted the Top payouts, by category, in red for your convenience.    

Play the #1 Payout Casino Now!


Casino All Slots Table Poker


% % % %
Vegas USA 99.27 97.18 96.88 101.81
Captain Cooks Casino 98.89 96.08 97.05 98.66
Challenge Casino 98.35 96.61 99.59 101.33
Trident Lounge Casino 98.20 97.58 95.40 102.57
Roxy Palace Casino 97.62 97.46 97.59 98.42
Ruby Fortune Casino 97.55 96.07 99.09 98.24
Golden Reef Casino 97.48 96.49 97.52 99.74
Big Dollar Casino 97.32 98.11 94.28 98.18
South Beach Palace Casino 97.32 98.11 94.28 98.18
Carnival Casino 97.28 96.69 97.36 97.78
Blackjack Ballroom Casino 97.27 95.78 98.20 98.14
Club Dice Casino 97.25 96.96 97.40 97.51
Desert Dollar Casino 97.17 96.99 96.13 99.29
King Neptunes Casino 97.17 96.29 97.40 98.81
Sun Vegas Casino 97.05 96.80 97.21 98.22
Royal Vegas Casino 97.01 95.41 98.57 100.15
Wild Jack Casino 96.99 95.72 98.30 97.71
Lucky Nugget Casino 96.93 96.05 98.07 99.44
River Belle Casino 96.91 95.73 97.68 98.72
Gaming Club Casino 96.82 95.86 97.57 98.42
Jackpot City Casino 96.79 96.19 97.28 98.48
Fortune Room Casino 96.72 96.30 95.89 99.63
7 Sultans Casino 96.69 95.93 97.70 98.82
Casino Kingdom 96.68 96.05 98.85 97.37
Crazy Vegas Casino 96.65 96.13 97.23 97.71
Vegas Palms Casino 96.58 96.28 96.83 98.18
Vegas Towers Casino 96.54 95.40 97.70 98.87
First Web Casino 96.44 95.88 96.35 98.12
Spin Palace Casino 96.42 95.67 96.88 99.02
Vegas Villa Casino 96.21 95.95 95.75 97.58
Aces High Casino 96.19 96.13 94.65 96.84
Platinum Play Casino 96.09 95.36 97.96 97.53
All Slots Casino 95.83 95.48 97.23 97.89
CasinoUS 95.72 94.95 97.16 95.53
777 Dragon Casino 95.70 95.08 97.09 96.40

In the United States, numerous states have land-based casinos. You may be surprised to learn how casino payouts in some of those states compare to the player payouts in the chart above.

The following data was obtained from Casino Journal Magazine

State Slots Tables Average
Nevada 94.52% 84.98% 89.75%
Colorado 94.21% 82.45% 88.33%
Illinois 92.93% 83.99% 88.46%
Iowa 93.45% 78.87% 86.16%
Indiana 92.50% 80.90% 86.70%
Connecticut 91.90% 87.78% 89.84%
New Jersey 91.82% 91.88% 91.85%
USA Average 93.05% 84.41% 88.72%

The Best Payout Online Casino Guide

If there's one thing that's foremost in every gambler's mind, it's winning. When it comes to the best payout, online casino owners are scrambling for the top position because they know that's what will draw the punters more than anything else they can offer.

So where are you likely to win the most?

One would imagine that the big, established casinos that have developed an online version would be the biggest payers but that isn't always the case. The biggest payers vary. In order to make the best payout, online casino owners carefully follow what the competition are doing and, where possible, will try to top their efforts. After all, the more punters they can attract, the bigger payouts they can comfortably make.

Monitoring The Best Payout Online Casinos

Because the best payout online casinos change regularly, it's best to watch the sites that monitor payouts. Some collect information from the players themselves, while others collect information from the casino owners.

Neither system is 100 percent foolproof. If data is being collected from the players themselves, it's important to take into consideration the fact that online winners are faceless and if unreported, the likelihood of anybody knowing a person has won is small. If the winners themselves don't report their wins, it's up to other players to report the biggest wins they witnessed on a certain day and there's no doubt some will exaggerate.

If the owners are reporting the wins, in order to make their casino appear to be a best payout online casino, they're also likely to exaggerate the regularity and size of wins. In these cases, it's worth following only the statistics of those who have properly audited figures to back up the claims, something that very few casinos are willing to do.

So how can you be sure of which casinos are making the biggest payouts? The truth is, you can't. All you can do is keep your ear to the ground and listen to the gossip on the grapevine. The punters themselves will be talking about big wins so it's worth hanging out in forums where casinos are discussed and joining a newsgroup or two.

If a casino is being discussed and everybody's agreeing that when it comes to the best payout, online casino 'such and such a name' is the one to head for, it would probably be worth your while to head in the same direction.


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#1 Overall - Vegas USA

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#1 Poker - Trident Lounge

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Remember, you can beat the odds, but you can't beat the percentages.
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Online Casino Payouts and recommendations for Gambling Online