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"I have put together an Online Sports Wagering resource center that focuses on the best online betting sites as well as the best sites to Wager on your favorite sport team to increase your odds of winning."
- Jerry Whittaker        

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The online wager offers our visitors the best places for sports betting, casino gambling and online poker. Internet gaming has full-grown at an exponential rate in the past couple of years and with growth comes some bad seeds. At gaming sleuth we pride ourselves on recommending only the safest and most monetarily secure internet gaming establishments. Our staff comprises of documented professional sports handicappers, long established sports bettors and experienced online poker players. Each one of our suggested partners have been tried and tested by our experienced and un-bias staff. With years of sports gambling, handicapping and gaming experience you can rest certain that you are playing at the most secure sports books, online casinos and internet poker rooms. As part of our visitor satisfaction program we will help in any disputes you may have with our suggested gambling outlets.

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Hockey betting is the most complex of the major sports to wager on. Hockey betting has a lot variable to consider. A puck and a money line are the two options used by online sports books when they admit betting on hockey. The sports books usually use the money line. The accessible difference in the amount of goals and money in hockey online betting is quite diverse and different from sports book to sports book which is yet another reason to shop around. Other than soccer, NHL hockey is possibly the most complicated of the major sports to wager on. The hockey betting also has a lot of variables to consider. You must also believe the additional complication of frequent ties when NHL hockey betting. A puck and a money line are the two options used by casinos when they admit the hockey betting.


The online sites will see to at the main set of rules you must know in order to enjoy betting online. These guidelines will instruct you on the in general concept of each game and how betting online works. Some games are fairly straight forward while others are very complex and thus require a lot of explanation. If you've ever been curious about a gambling online but weren't sure about how exactly to do it, then this section will be a valuable tool for you.





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