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The word wager in general implies towards gambling. In the western world, the word refers to wagering of money on an event whose outcome is uncertain in the hope of winning additional funds. The general aspects of wagering solely depend upon several major factors such as the amount of money which is being wagered, the positive or the negative expected values. Another very important aspect of wagering is predictability of the event in which the wager is based. For example in lotteries and slot machines no skill or prior information regarding the matter acts as an advantage as the results are random and unpredictable. But in other forms of wagering such as sport betting or horse racing the out come of the event can be predicted to some extent if one has sound knowledge & prior information about the event.

Legal and psychological aspects of wagering:

The legalization of wagering or gambling varies from place to place although it is censured by most legal jurisdictions to some extent. However in some Muslim nations it totally prohibited while most of the western civilization has regularized this over the course of time. Any law, national or international does not recognize wagers as contracts. As a result it often it becomes vulnerable to organized crimes over the enforcement of large gambling debts, sometimes by means of violent methods. Even if wagering in any form acts as a form of recreation or as a means of income as it is seen in some cases, scientific studies & researches on the matter reveal that like any other behavior it involves variations in brain chemistry. So it would not an absolute unnatural if a person becomes psychologically addictive to it, sometimes giving rise to other disorders like disturbing behavior. In special cases it is also observed that a person may indulge in wagering after repetitive losses, which is medically termed as the reinforcement phenomenon.

Casino Games as a common form of wagering:

The casino games mainly consists of poker, black jack, baccarat, craps, roulette etc which are common and are mainly played. The casino games are mainly categorized into two classes the beatable casino games and the unbeatable casino games. If a player has proper strategy he can create positive mathematical expectations in the beatable casino games. However in the unbeatable casino games the player as a group may lose in the long run as these have negative expectations.





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