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A Sports book is a place where one can place a sports wager on the any which sport he is interested in. it is included as a part of a casino. Here bets on sportsmen or even a team as a whole are accepted. Sports betting is a form of gambling. This form is recognized as legal by many nations all over the world. Games such as hockey, cricket, soccer, baseball, basketball, horse racing are included in sports betting. The word sports book originated from the French word ‘portmanteau’ which is a combination of sports gambling and booking.

Types of sports book betting

There are many types of sports book betting. Namely, betting at Nevada Sportsbook, Offshore Sportsbook and Internet Sportsbook.  The Nevada Sports book has been legalized since 150 years. The Nevada Sports book is located in the Nevada Casino in the United States of America. The first sportsbook that Nevada founded was the Turf Club in 1950. At that time they offered 10% tax but since 1974 the tax to be paid has reduced to 2%. The Nevada sports book has a numerous facilities to offer. Such as huge televisions to watch the game, betting windows, spacious and comfortable place to sit and good interactive betting stations. It also offers boards which display the odds of the game. The Offshore sports book is located in the outskirts of United States of America. The Offshore Sports book is open for 24 hours.  This sports book is known for its open and regulatory environment and large spacious workplace for its customers. Sportsbooks located in Jamaica, Australia, Antigua, and many other countries are also very famous. Due to the present time advancements, it is also possible to bet in a sports book from home with the help of the internet. Internet sportsbook are more cost effective and can handle more customers as compared to land sportsbook. Moreover due to internet sportsbook one can bet online without any nerve-racking tasks to do. It enables one to place their bets in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sports book betting is enjoyable only if it is played safely. One should avoid getting addicted to this form of gambling.   





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