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A brief description & history of sport books:

Sport Books are those places where a gambler can wager on various sport competition or sporting events. The popular categories may include football, basket balls, base ball, hockey, soccer, horse racing & boxing. The method of betting depends upon the sport & type of the game as well as upon the popularity of the game as the wagering options that are made available on the game depends upon the popularity. The betting volumes that are offered by the sports book are constantly variable through out the year. This also accounts for the reason that the money wagered by a bettor in a particular type of sport increases when those sports are in season. As far as the history of the sport books are concerned it dates back to the mid 1930ís when Leo Hirschfield laid the first building stone when he founded the Athletic Publications Inc in Minneapolis, in the state of Minnesota. This company which published and distributed odds to bookies across America by telephone and telegraph had a team of handicappers analyzing the match ups who also studied newspapers across the country.

The Nevada Sport Book:

The Nevada Sport Book first made their presence in the early 1950ís by the name of the Turf. They had a formal agreement with the hotels of those times that they would not indulge in any of the casino business as log as the hotels did not interfered in their own business. Initially the sport book had to pay a tax of 10 % which later on in 1974 was reduced to 2%. Caesar palace a very famous sport book of those times under the Nevada banner provided numerous facilities such as betting windows, numerous big screen television along with places to sit & watch, interactive betting stations, and computerized odd boards.

The Internet sport books:

The Internet sport books are the most effective way of handling more clients as these donít have to internet with the bettors face to face. They also offer cheaper prices to the bettors for wagering. The tax levied upon them and their regulation varies from country to country and is often licensed to some jurisdiction. These offshore sports book at the offer and take the bets online and may also offer other products in the related field such as bingo, casinos, and poker. Although these offshore are spread across the world through the internet, their main concentration is visible in the counties of Jamaica, Gibraltar, Antigua, and Curacao, Australia. In America, Costa Rica acts as the home of many such off shore spot books which can be uniquely characterized by their open regulatory environment and a large available work force.





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