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June 30th, 2006

Pauma Tribe, Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Team Up

As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune: “Indian gaming in San Diego’s
North County is about to get a whole lot bigger. “Confirming rumors that
have swirled for months, the Pauma Indian band and Connecticut’s
Mashantucket Pequot tribe, operator of the world’s largest casino, Foxwoods,
are to announce today a development partnership that will build a $300
million hotel-casino at Pauma.

“The Pauma-Foxwoods project will have 2,000 slot machines and a 500-room
hotel, making it one of the largest in California, but still a fraction of
the size of the Pequots’ massive East Coast gambling complex, which has
7,100 slots and 1,400 hotel rooms.

“.The casino is expected to open in 2009, and will replace Pauma’s
1,050-slot facility. It will make inland North County by far the state’s
pre-eminent Indian gaming corridor, with four large casinos operating more
than 7,400 slots on or near a 15-mile section of state Route 76. Two smaller
casinos, with 349 slots each, are scheduled to open next year on the La
Jolla and Santa Ysabel reservations near Lake Henshaw.”

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Centrebet Closes Float Oversubscribed

As reported by the Australia Herald Sun: “Online sports betting shop
Centrebet has closed its $70 million float oversubscribed after strong
demand from retail and institution investors. “The privately-owned online
wagering and gaming company plans to sell 35.11 million shares, or about 40
per cent of the company, at a share price of $2. “Proceeds of the initial
public offering will be used to pay down debt and position the company for
future expansion in both domestic and international gaming markets.

“.It is expected Centrebet will have a market capitalisation of $174 million
when it lists on the Australian Stock Exchange on July 12.

“Centrebet managing director Con Kafataris said investors had embraced
Centrebet’s online business model as well as its expertise in book keeping
and risk management.

“.The company expects to pay a 4.65 per cent, fully franked dividend for the
2007 financial year.”

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New Obstacle in Thunder Valley Casino Lawsuit

As reported by the Gold County Press-Tribute: “A new legal wrangle unfolded
Tuesday in a Placer County Superior Court harassment and discrimination case
filed by seven former female Thunder Valley Casino employees. “Casino
manager Station Casinos is asking that Commissioner Margaret Wells be
replaced with a judge. “The move by Station Casino attorneys comes after
Wells issued a tentative ruling stating that while Thunder Valley’s owner –
the United Auburn Indian Community – was exempted from proceedings because
of the tribe’s sovereign status, the suit against Station Casinos may

“What was initially scheduled to be a hearing on Wells’ tentative ruling on
the Nevada-based Station Casinos status as a possible employer of the woman
has now become further entangled in submissions over the commissioner’s
presence on the bench.

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Hellmuth Record Under Review

For now, news from the World Series of Poker (WSOP) has Phil Hellmuth as the
all-time leader in cashes with 50 after he made the money in WSOP Event # 2
and received an appreciation ovation for his accomplishment. The
announcement was made late on Tuesday in front of the player and spectators
filling the Amazon Room of the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, but a record
review is underway and it may be that Hellmuth has only have 49.

Hellmuth himself is unsure. After speaking with all-time cash-leader Men
“The Master” Nguyen, Hellmuth was under the impression that he was tied at
49. Nguyen told him they are tied for the lead and Hellmuth believes “The
Master” for now.

Whether 49 or 50 cashes, Hellmuth at least has a share of the record. WSOP
Media Director Nolan Dalla said the matter will be cleared up and become
official within a day or two.

“I always like to make poker history,” Hellmuth said a little steamed after
busting out of the event in (65th?). “Whether I did it today or not, I have
a good chance to take it because my game is in tip top shape.”

Before the 2006 WSOP started, Hellmuth was one behind Men “The Master” and
tied with TJ Cloutier and Berry Johnston at 48. Of the four, Hellmuth is
second on the all-time money list running neck and neck with TJ Cloutier.

The next closest competitor is Chris “Jesus” Ferguson with 42 cashes.

While others are sorting out the statistics, Hellmuth said he didn’t want to
reflect on where the all-time cash leader places him in the poker pantheon,
preferring instead to speak about his plans for 2006.

Last year, Hellmuth said he spent too much time with outside distractions.
This year, he plans to run the gambit with his full attention and try to
capture his 10th gold bracelet, a historical mark he covets more than the
cash mark.

“My problem is I can’t beat all the fuc#*g one-day superstars,” Hellmuth

Playing in Event #2’s second day caused Hellmuth to miss out on Event # 3, a
$1500 Pot Limit Hold’Em tournament. One fan asked Hellmuth if the players in
that tournament felt lucky he wasn’t playing. He responded with “that’s what
all those guys are.lucky.”

Hellmuth said he plans to play in either Thursdays Limit Hold’Em event of
Friday’s shorthanded No’Limit Hold’Em tournament, both bracelet events in
the World Series schedule.

Ryan McLane is a gaming industry reporter for Casino City and is assigned to
the poker beat. He is currently covering events at the World Series of
Poker. Email your comments and questions to him at

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Down to the First Final Table at the WSOP

Three World Series of Poker events (WSOP) will run simultaneously today, a
sign that the momentum is building here at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and
Casino as players gear towards the Main Event and poker immortality. The
final table for Event # 2, the 3-day $1,500 No Limit Hold’Em tournament that
began on Tuesday, will be the main draw for the rail birds. Former Main
Event winner (2001) Carlos Mortensen will vie for his third bracelet from
the sixth chip position. The Spaniard, who is nicknamed “El Matador” was the
chip leader after day one, but suffered consecutive devastating hands to
lower his position late on day two.

Mortensen has 337,000 chips going into the final table. The buzz around the
gallery is that Mortensen’s big tournament experience makes him a viable
candidate to take home the bracelet. He also has one World Poker Tour (WPT)
title on his mantle.

Professional poker player Ron Stanley, in 8th position with $283k also has a
WSOP bracelet, winning his first piece of hardware in 1991. The long-time
pro has multiple final table appearances in WSOP Circuit Events and WPT

Don Zewin, in 6th place with $342,000 chips also has some big-time final
table experience, placing 4th at the WPT Doyle Brunson North American Poker
Championship in 2005.

The final table looks like this:

1.) Brandon Cantu $753k

2.) Lee Padilla $753k

3.) Drew Rubin $573k

4.) Mark Ly $516k

5.) Mark Swatz $359

6.) Don Zewin $342k

7.) Carlos Motensen $337k

8.) Ron Stanley $283k

9.) Brent Roberts $260k

WSOP Event # 3, a $1,500 Pot Limit Hold’Em affair, is also scheduled to
start today at 2 p.m. PST with 71 players to battle all day until only nine
player remain for tomorrow’s final table.

John Juanda and Victor Ramdin sit near the top of the leader board in 3rd
and 6th place respectively. Juanda is the owner of three WSOP bracelets and
is currently one of the top ranked players in the world on most media outlet

Ramdin is having a life-changing year, winning $1.3 million at the 2006 WPT
Foxwoods Poker Classic and finishing 11th this spring at the Bellagio in the
WPT World Championship.

The final major tournament of the day is Event # 4, a $1500 Limit Hold’Em
Tournament. Play began today at noon and will continue until there are less
than 100 players. It will conclude sometime this evening. The tournament is
a three-day event.

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Column: ‘F’in Ridiculous

The logistical nightmare of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) makes for an
interesting scene that is best described with the word “zoo.” Basically,
it’s a bunch of poker starved animals caged inside a box not equipped to
handle them. It’s quite a hilarious picture, with grown men and women
shouting about “fairness” and people generally berating each other for
mistakes in play. Add in the people who have to run the mile and a half to
the bathroom in order to make it back before the blinds come and you have
the perfect recipe for ridiculousness. In short, the WSOP is awesome and any
person who claims to be a poker fan must consider making the pilgrimage to
poker Mecca before calling their career complete.

But before you come and make poker history, remember this – leave the “f”
word at home. Perhaps the most ridiculous rule in the zoo is that just one
cuss word, of the hundreds that exist, is illegal, and said word is deemed
vile enough to give you a 10 minute penalty.

Mike Matasow made the controversial “F” bomb rule famous in the 2005 Main
Event when he dropped more bombs than the Bush family did on Baghdad. In
2006, the rule is important enough to include in the preamble to every
tournament, including the lowly $125 satellite tournaments and side cash

I’m not saying I don’t understand why the rule is in place. Cleary, Harrah’s
wants to make the WSOP more TV and family friendly, drawing the young and
the conservative old into the booming poker world at the same time.

But seriously, when you’ve plopped down thousands to play in the Series and
some donkey sucks out on you and laughs, don’t you have the God-given right
to drop America’s favorite word several dozen times?

You’d do the same if you’ve stubbed your toe. For many of us, it’s a natural
thing to cry out when we’re hurt and there is nothing that hurts more than
watching your top-two-pair fall prey to the horrible human being that
paddles to the river.

Before I explain why the “F-Bomb” rule is obnoxious, consider this – there
is no specific rule against using any other cuss words, including racial
slurs and the alphabet of swears beginning with “a, b, s and yes, even c.”

There is a provision that allows dealers to deem attacks on another person
so crass, that a penalty can be assessed, but if you get sucked out on and
scream “Sh*t” at the top of your lungs, the “F Bomb” rule does not apply. So
be sure poker players, if you’re going to let fly a word, make sure it
begins with anything but “F.”
I think this rule needs to be reevaluated. In my opinion, the intent of the
rule is to keep the game clean and honorable. By eliminating a word that is
offensive to many, Harrah’s is trying to keep players from berating each
other with profane language.

I like that idea. Poker should be a gentlemen’s game and people should not
be allowed to harass people just because they feel like being an ass (I can
say that word, mind you).
The intent is the key. If a player mutters the “F Bomb” to themselves, a
common occurrence when someone is upset, there is room to deem the action a
mistake and should be treated as such.
Most dealers and players are aware of this, and if a violator truly did not
mean to offend, he usually covers his mouth in mock shame and everyone lets
it go. But if one player deems the word offensive, no matter how it’s used,
the bosses must enforce the rule and penalize the player.

You all know a player who would be willing to use this to their advantage.
He’s the same guy who constantly refers to the rulebook and throws it in
everyone’s face, especially when he’s holding a poor bluff.

This is where the rule becomes ridiculous. Dealers and bosses have the same
powers of common sense as the rest of us. I say, change the rule to match
its original intent. If the cuss was accidental, don’t let Mr. Rulebook use
his annoyingness as power. And if you think Captain Rules doesn’t exist,
believe me; he’s all over the Rio.
Let’s do the best we can to keep the zoo clean, but at the same time, let’s
remind the keepers that keeping animals inside a tiny little cage can
sometimes be a recipe for ridiculousness.
Even the best men and women makes mistakes. Let’s give the animals a chance
to be human.

Ryan McLane is a gaming industry reporter for Casino City and is assigned to
the poker beat. He is currently covering events at the World Series of
Poker. Email your comments and questions to him at

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June 29th, 2006

Stanley Leisure to Stay in Liverpool

As reported by icLiverpool: “Stanley Leisure’s headquarters will remain in
Liverpool even if a proposed merger with a rival London-based casino
operator goes ahead, the Daily Post can reveal. “Stanley this week confirmed
it was in talks with London Clubs International (LCI) over a possible tie-up
that could be worth more than £700m. “.A merger between Stanley and LCI has
been on the cards since the shake-up of gaming laws paved the way for
international operators to run new super-casinos proposed by the

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Island Resort Signs Picks VCAT System

Venture Catalyst Incorporated, announced today that the Hannahville Indian
Community, dba Island Resort & Casino, has licensed Mariposa, VCAT’s
customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and business intelligence
software system for use at its Island Resort & Casino located in Harris,
Michigan. “We are excited to add the Hannahville Indian Community and Island
Resort & Casino to our growing family of Mariposa clients. We believe
Mariposa is an excellent choice to complement the casino’s current expansion
effort and will help them strengthen relationships with their customers,”
said Greg Shay, Chief Executive Officer and President of VCAT. Mariposa is
an award-winning software solution that provides a fully-integrated
marketing and business intelligence system for the gaming industry.
Developed to work in conjunction with existing player tracking, slot
accounting, hotel management and other data collection systems, Mariposa can
dramatically improve the way casinos do business. By providing gaming
properties with tools to create, execute and track sophisticated
multi-channel, targeted marketing campaigns, as well as analyze both
customers and products on the casino floor, Mariposa can significantly help
increase revenues and operating efficiency. Mariposa consists of a
proprietary modular suite of applications, including Campaign Management,
Data Visualization, with easy-to-read mapping features, a Data Warehouse,
including predictive modeling, reporting and analytics, and a Player Contact
Mariposa clients include: Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino; Hard Rock
Hotel and Casino; Greektown Casino; all six Resorts International casinos,
including: the Las Vegas Hilton, Resorts Atlantic City, Atlantic City
Hilton, Resorts Tunica, Bally’s Tunica and Resorts East Chicago; Thunder
Valley Casino; Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino; Stratosphere Casino Hotel &
Tower; Arizona Charlie’s Boulder and Arizona Charlie’s Decatur; Don
Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino; San Manuel Indian Bingo &
Casino, Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Grand Casino Hinckley.

“The management and staff of the Island Resort & Casino are pleased and
excited to join VCAT’s Mariposa family. We believe that Mariposa, coupled
with our existing staff’s expertise and enthusiasm, can guide us to the next
level of customer service. Additionally, the system will enable the
management staff to make that next leap forward in efficiency and effective
decision making so crucial to the success of our expanding business,” said
Tom McChesney, General Manager of Island Resort & Casino.

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Loto-Quebec, Bally Team Up

As reported by the Montreal Gazette: “Loto-Quebec has signed a
ground-breaking deal to develop new ‘casino game offerings’ with Las
Vegas-based Bally Technologies, one of the world’s oldest and largest
gambling systems companies. “The long-term strategic alliance between
publicaly traded Bally and Ingenio, the crown corporation’s research and
development subsidiary, was announced yesterday in a joint news release.
“.The deal, which is non-exclusive for both parties, would see Ingenio
tender game designs and concepts to Bally, which could buy them. Its product
line now includes casino slot machines and video-slots sold the world over.”

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GWIN Reports Media Sponsorship Deal

GWIN Inc. Chairman & CEO Wayne Allyn Root announced today the largest media
sponsorship deal in company history. has signed to be a
title sponsor of GWIN’s television and radio shows, “Wayne Allyn Root’s
WinningEDGE(TM),” airing on Saturday mornings starting Sept. 9. is a newly launched informational poker Web site for fun,
entertainment and prizes only, owned by Legendzsports, one of the largest
private gaming companies in the world. is the newest venture
by Legendz into the lucrative world of poker. The agreement includes
sponsorship of “Wayne Allyn Root’s WinningEDGE” national TV and radio show
as well as the poker sections of its Web sites and joins co-sponsor Hooters Casino Hotel Las
Vegas, who continues its sponsorship of The WinningEDGE after a successful
2005 Season.

Root said, “This deal with is the largest sponsorship deal
in GWIN history. And, it is a further indication that in addition to
continuing to build our core sports handicapping services business, we are
able to generate significant new revenue streams from media sponsorship and
advertising partners. This sponsorship deal, combined with the Hooters
Casino Hotel Las Vegas sponsorship, lends more credibility to the power and
branding of our WinningEDGE(TM) products and personalities. When it comes to
sports gambling advice and information, GWIN is clearly a global leader.”

Said Legendz CEO Luke King, “Legendz is a big fan of Wayne Allyn Root and
The WinningEDGE brand name and media properties. Wayne has been called ‘The
King of Vegas’ and ‘The Face of Las Vegas Gaming.’ His TV show ‘King of
Vegas’ and the upcoming release of his new book, ‘The King of Vegas’ Guide
to Gambling,’ reinforce Wayne as the most positive personality and brand
name in gaming. We are excited to be able to work with him and The
WinningEDGE to introduce our new product to American
consumers. Poker is exploding in popularity and we believe attaching our new
online poker information and entertainment site to a nationally recognized
gaming personality like Wayne Allyn Root and The WinningEDGE is a winning

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