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Free Bingo Online

The surest way to hear four out of five sweet ladies curse is to be around when the fifth one yells “Bingo!”

This personal element of bingo may not be present when playing free bingo online but the excitement of winning is still sure to produce the familiar cry of “Bingo” from players, even when no one else is around to hear.  Online gambling is growing, with introductory offers of free bingo online as an enticement few can ignore.  Exploring web sites will quickly give you an overview of the many choices available.

The difficulty in playing free bingo online is not in the play but in choosing among the many games presented. The Marquees or home pages if you prefer, are colorful and offer multiple games under intriguing designations such as: Golf Bingo;  Fair-n-Square Bingo;  Beach Blanket Bingo and  Kiwi Bingo,  just to name a few.  

Many of the sites provide pictures of previous winners, as well as weekly online newsletters to their free bingo online players.  Plus, you can control the amount of chat you want, how often you want to play or take a break and what levels to enjoy. All this, along with an anticipation of a big jackpot, adds a dimension of entertainment to the game that does not exist in the more traditional game environment. 

As with all games of chance, free bingo online, includes the element of excitement, in addition to the chance of winning.  No waiting for that Saturday night game at the lodge or the local fundraiser.  Free bingo online and a potential jackpot are as close as your computer.  A few clicks of the mouse will put you into the game while leaning back in your favorite, comfy chair.  A glass of iced-tea on the table next to you and you are ready for action. 

Playing free bingo online opens the door into bigger and more exciting games that require either the expense of betting or paying for game cards.  You can chose to learn these new games or you can stay with your old favorite and enjoy every minute of your game. Playing free bingo online for your enjoyment and on your schedule raises your excitement when you shout out “Bingo!”

Jerry's Top 5 Bingo Halls


Party Bingo

Bonus ~ 200% up to $100


Miss Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Bonus ~ 100% + $30 up to $90


Ruby Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Geisha Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Remember, you can beat the odds, but you can't beat the percentages.
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