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Online bingo – Playtech!


The game of cards and balls has come of age now, the age old simpleton is being played by whiz kids around the world on websites which cater to online bingo games with up to date graphics, bonuses, tournaments, exciting offers, jackpots and money cash outs!! There are cash prices of 50 lack dollars and more per month! These exciting offers are one of the main reasons why online bingo is gaining popularity on the Internet and they provide friendly customer service too! To say the least would be to say that these websites have taken the bingo game by storm, and I am sure there is more to come.


Online bingo- Advantages

Joining an online bingo website is of great benefits to those who really enjoy the game, as there are games available to suit the taste of every player. Agreed it won’t feel the same as playing in the usual hall but there are jackpots and bonuses and to give a personal touch there are live chat rooms where you can chat with other players! Also one more advantage of playing online bingo is that there are variations available, and for people who are playing the game for the first time, there are help lines and instructions on the site.


Online bingo- Its catching fever

You can go online and find thousands of stories by winners and participants, all of them have something special to say. Some have won cash they couldn’t have even dreamt of making in just one night, while some have used online bingo to get over their personal grief!

Its bingo fever all over!


Jerry's Top 5 Bingo Halls


Party Bingo

Bonus ~ 200% up to $100


Miss Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Bonus ~ 100% + $30 up to $90


Ruby Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Geisha Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Remember, you can beat the odds, but you can't beat the percentages.
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