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Bingo – Luck by chance!

Bingo can be defined as a game in which numbered balls are drawn randomly and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards. It is generally played in a hall where the players meet, pay and then start the game. These halls or clubs are permitted to hold only four sessions in a week. It is also played in bingo centers. The game has in fact become so popular that there was a bingo act implemented in 1996. Now days it is also a popular game among internet surfers who play it online, as online bingo. 


Rules of bingo

Basically there are seventy-five bingo numbers, which are represented by a ball in a rotating bin. The bin is spun and the ball is selected and announced and if that number is there on the card of the player the person shouts BINGO! A session is of 30 games and the bingo session is conducted for a maximum of eight hours, no more.


Bingo Cards

Each player has cards that have five rows and five columns. The cards are labeled as B I N G O with one free space and each space contains 15 numbers. For example B will have numbers from 1 to 15, I from 16 to 30 and likewise.


Bingo-The history
The game was first played in Italy in about 1530 and it was called le lotto. It came to France in the late 18th century and became popular through out Europe in the 1800’s. It was played in the name of ‘beano’ in 1929 in Atlanta, USA and it was mistakenly called bingo by a toy shop owner in New York who made it popular. It also became popular in Australia where it was called housie.

Jerry's Top 5 Bingo Halls


Party Bingo

Bonus ~ 200% up to $100


Miss Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Bonus ~ 100% + $30 up to $90


Ruby Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Geisha Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Remember, you can beat the odds, but you can't beat the percentages.
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