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Bingo Online-Enjoy the magic of Bingo Online


Bingo online is an extremely popular game where you can earn fabulous amounts with great jackpots and bonuses on offer. Bingo online is quite similar to lotto with a number of special online features which further enhance your experience of playing bingo as never before. There are a number of great sites for playing bingo online where you get to play a variety of bingo games some of which are specially configured to be played online only.


Main features

The things to keep in mind before playing bingo online are an easy user interface, quality of customer support, a good number of players and of course great prize money and prompt payouts. Most bingo online sites require you to download their software before starting a game but if you can directly enroll yourself for a game. Bingo online involves a number of different patterns on your cards which have to be matched within a specified number of calls for you to win.


Special games

The games are configured creatively to make them more interesting and exciting with games like Cupid bingo and Fatherís Day bingo ranging from the speed 5 in a row to the progressive and speed patterns. Then there are the bingo online games which require a static letter or symbol pattern to win.



In fact is much more fun to play bingo online than in a bingo hall as you can select the type of game, the card and can effectively manage the time, pattern, card prize and your overall standing with respect to the jackpot. You can chat while the game is going on with the players as well as the chat manager.


If you win then you can withdraw the money from the bingo online account and transfer it to your bank account using NeTeller in case you deposited through a credit card.


Jerry's Top 5 Bingo Halls


Party Bingo

Bonus ~ 200% up to $100


Miss Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Bonus ~ 100% + $30 up to $90


Ruby Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Geisha Bingo

Bonus ~ 100% up to $100


Remember, you can beat the odds, but you can't beat the percentages.
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