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Ultimate Bet by Jerry 'Jet' Whittaker…

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Featured Ultimate Bet Site


Ultimate Bet

Ultimate Bet desires to deliver a playing experience on par with the best real world card rooms. Several world-class players play and seek advice from on the site. Warm sound prompts get your attention devoid of being annoying. My favorite attribute is fast awarding of pots, much quicker than the norm. The cashier and account info screens are simple to navigate. A unique bonus is the Ultimate Bet website, offering a multiplicity of poker material, including archives of broadcasts of events and strategy articles by Team Ultimate Bet members like Annie Duke and Russ Hamilton. There is the even more sole benefit of being able to play and chat with players like Annie, Russ or Phil Hellmuth. Ultimate Bet holds an annual World Poker Tour event in Aruba.

More of the ultimate bet

Ultimate Bet plunders their regular players with Ultimate Points. You get points for only by sitting at a table and playing. You get 1 point for an hour played at a table. That means you can play more than one table at a time and get more points. In addition, you can gets points based on how many raked hands you play. You also get 6 points for every $1 in tournament fees. Finally, if you are the first player to sit down at a table, you get 25% more points for the duration of your stay at that table. You can also use your Ultimate Points to purchase into cash games or sit 'n go tournaments.


The lobby is simple to navigate and their graphics are clean. You have the alternative of using a multi-colored deck and playing more than 3 tables at once. Ultimate Bet spreads dissimilar types of games such as Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit Texas Hold them as well as Omaha Hi, Omaha 8 or Better, Seven-Card Stud, Seven-Card Stud Hi Low, Crazy Pineapple, and Triple Draw. One popular characteristic is the Ultimate Buddy which you can use to quickly find your friends or fishy players that are playing on Ultimate Bet. The main site has abundance of information including a short bio of all the pros that play on Ultimate Bet.com. They also have a solid information section called Poker Strategy that caters to beginner, intermediate, advanced players, and especially for tournament players too. They also list a comprehensive index of poker rules for dissimilar games.




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