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A brief out look on the topic:

Generally sport betting is an activity in which a wager is made on the outcome of a sport on the basis of prediction of the sport result. If all the other forms of gambling are considered then it can be observed that sport betting is much more accepted & legalized in most parts of the world. Though there are many nations where this activity is forbidden in general for example in North America, while there are also many nations where sport betting is regarded as a highly accredited profession, one perfect example may be the European Union. The sport betting may or may not be universally accepted or legalized, just because this activity is still fighting questions of its existence and facing several other threats being regulated & not criminalized. Those who are in favor regard it as a boon in terms of a popular hobby for the sports fans, which may give an up rise in their interests benefiting the leagues, teams and finally the players they bet on through higher attendances and increased television audiences. While those who oppose states that the activity may threaten and shatter the very integrity of various amateur and professional sports, as several instances from history depicts numerous attempts of the sport gamblers and betters to fix matches.


In simple terms book making may be defined as the profession of accepting the sport wagers. Bookmakers usually offer different prices to different clients considering their past betting record as a traditional means of increasing their potential profit. It is a general belief among then bettors that most of the bookmakers balance their action by adjusting their prices in order to gain equal amounts of money from both sides. In reality bookmakers just attempt to expand their bottom line in an attempt to ensure that the amount wagers on both the sides are equal.

Types of sport betting:

Totals or over rounders are very common forms of wager available for the sporting events are based on the prediction of the total score between the competing teams in the game. Other popular forms of betting include proposition, parlays, a run line, puck line or the goal line bets and the future wagers. The proposition bets are wagers based on the specific out come of a match such as guessing the number of goals scored by a player in a soccer match. Parlays are multiple bets which offer rewards to successful bettor large payouts. Run line, puck line or the goal lines are generally associated with hockey, baseball and soccer and are alternative wagers to straight up money line prices. The future wagers involve predictions based on the future accomplishments of a specific player or a team.





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