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The origin & history of the NFL:

It may be regarded or simply out come of frustration that gave birth tom the current game of foot ball or rugby. The story dates back in between the middle of the 19th century in England when a soccer player bored of kicking the ball with his legs began carrying it with the hands. The other players soon found this very fascinating & appealing and started to follow it even though it was clearly against the rules. The new sport thus born became very popular & famous and was introduced in America by the end of 1800. By the end of the year 1880, the game became a huge success throughout the continent and was played by most of the colleges in the north east including the famous Harvard & the Yale University. This gave rise to the creation of the IFA, the Intercollegiate Football association to preside over the Americanized version of the game. As the popularity of the sport swung there were more than 10 professional teams by 1920. The APFA, American Professional football Association was formed when the organizers of all the teams met in Canton, Ohio. Later on this organization came to be known as the NFL, the National Football League which changed the rules of the previously existing football and thus it began to solidify as a passion of modern America.

Beginning of the betting era in NFL:

The year 1933 saw the division of the NFL into two groups the AFC and the NFC which was further divided into regional divisions of east, west, north & south. These teams developed a regular schedule which kicks off in early September after the pre seasoned rounds. It was on the 44th regular session of the NFL in the year 1963 that the first bet was placed by the Detroit players on the games in which they did not participated. As betting was illegal all the players were fined with an amount of $ 2000. With that incident a new era of betting began and it was associated with the NFL.

About the bets and how they are placed:

At present the betting are made extremely simple following a constant rise in the number of bettors and the popularity of the game. One can easily bet on his or her favorite player or team and the phenomenon has not been restricted to the Americans only but made available to all those who is interested in the sporting activity through online websites. NFL betting through the internet is a very simple process. Anyone who is above the age limit of 18 can be a member of the online betting organization by opening an account through which the bets are placed.




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