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Betting is a form of gambling. This involves keeping certain amount of money on stake, on a player or a team as a whole of the sport you are interested in. the act of betting dates back to the 19th century. This was initially started with football betting. But now days, almost all sports ranging from baseball to cricket are involved in betting. On a local note, betting between two friends on the outcome of a certain situation is also regarded as gambling. In recent times, TV shows where the public bets on the winner of the show, is also a form of betting.

Types of bets

A customer can place his bets in variety of forms. In sport betting, there are mainly three kinds of bets. Namely, against the spread, against the odds and against a combination of adds and spread. In bets placed against the spread, a bettor can place a wager either whether the team will win with some points or loose with some points. When one gives points he or she is betting on the favorite and when one is taking the points he or she is betting on the underdog. The bets placed against odds are one of the most popular bets. In this type of bet, the bookmaker will limit the bet to a specific boundary. Here the customer is supposed to place an over-under bet. This means that the bettor can wager either exceeding the limit or fall short of the limit. You can also place a bet with a combination of both the above explained bets. One can place a single bet, a parlay bet or a teaser bet. A single bet involves a single bettor and the outcome is shared only by one person. A parlay bet is placed by a team and its benefits are shared by the team. A teaser bet is a form of parlay bet in which one can alter the point spread placed by the bettor. Betting exchanges provide the bettor to alter his bet depending on the odds of the game.

Benefits of betting

Betting is a source of easy money. It is a driving force to inculcate interest in the masses towards that particular game. It is also a medium to promote sports. However, only a skillful and careful deal could be a good source of entertainment.




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