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Football Betting


Football is one of the most widely played sports in the world. And thus football betting is carried out on a large scale.

How does it go?

There are two aspects of football betting. One either ‘lays his points’ or ‘takes his points’. Laying points means one is betting on the favorite and taking points means one is betting on the underdog. In laying points you get less amount of the money that you have placed on the favorite and in taking points you get more amount of money than that what you have placed on the underdog. In other words laying points is always in minus and taking points is positive. A straight bet is referred to as a point spread bet. This type of bet states 11:10 odds. I.e. if you bet $11 then you receive $10 on winning the bet. Another form of bet is a prop bet. This bet takes place under some norms and rules placed by the sport book in addition to those offered by the odds book. Most of the prop bets are non-tradition. For example which player will score first? Or which team will have more penalties? Etc. But majority of the prop bets are offered the standard 11:10 odds. A teaser bet is another form of football bet. In a teaser bet one must pay for it and that you must bet on at least two teams and win it. Now a days online football betting has become more popular than the traditional betting system. This is mainly because of its various conveniences.

Rules regarding football betting

In order to win your bet you need to win at least 7 games. While taking the totals one must also consider the low and the under bets. In order to win the money line in football betting, one must win the game straight up. In case of a tie in a teaser bet, it reverts to a lower number. In football points can be bought in complete games only.

Football betting sites

Football betting is best done at an endorsed sport book. For those interested in online football betting, is an easily accessible website for placing bets.




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