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Basketball Betting by Jerry 'Jet' Whittaker…

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Basketball Betting


Betting is a traditional form of gambling. It is mainly predicting the outcome of a game. Betting can be done in sports like soccer, baseball, cricket, basketball and many other sports. Since basketball is mainly played in America, this form of betting is mainly famous there. In America one is allowed to bet on basketball matches that are held both in the college level i.e. NCAA and those held by the National Basket Association i.e. NBA.

Basketball betting tips

Betting is a source of easy money. In order to get the best deal, here are some basketball betting tips for you. The most important thing you need to keep in mind while placing your bet is that, always start with a small amount. Do not wager large amount of bets otherwise it would be a disaster. One should learn to accept the wins and the looses in your stride and never follow the looses. It is advisable to know your team before you place a bet. One should know the players as well as the coach staff, the history of each player and the team as a whole. This would help one to place the right bet on the right player. One should be spontaneous and alert while placing a bet. For example, if a team is already qualified for the finals, then it may not be very motivated to win the match. So it is useless betting on such a team. In this situation should rather bet on the team which is in a win or die situation. The best way of placing a good bet is to just follow your instinct and your emotions.

Where can one bet?

Sports betting are usually carried out at sportsbook. These sportsbook are usually a part of a casino. The most common sportsbook is the Oasis casino. It also offers a facility to bet online. Now days internet bookie has become a fad. is another website where you can place an online bet in basketball. is another such website where one can place their bet online. Along with these websites there are many more where you can try your betting skills.




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