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Baseball Betting by Jerry 'Jet' Whittaker…

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Baseball Betting


Baseball betting is one the most famous forms of sport betting in America.

How to bet?

Baseball betting involves a very important aspect which is known as money line. Money line is expressed in terms of dollars with cents. Where there is a cent involved then you need to express in terms of decimals. In baseball you either lay money on your favorite or bet on an underdog. When you lay money on your favorite you tend to win a dollar for the dollar you have put in. where as in underdog you tend to get more then a dollar that you have put in. odds of -1.45 and -145 are similar to each other. A favorite that is -145 means that you may bet 145 dollars in order to win 100 dollars. When one bets +145 on an underdog then it means that he needs to bet 100 dollars in order to win 145 dollars. Thus favorites are always positive and underdogs are always negative. While betting on the pitchers one has 4 options to bet on. One can either bet on the listed pitcher or the specify team pitcher or the team action or the team action against the listed pitcher. While betting on a pitcher, mat it be listed or non listed, one must always remember that the respective pitcher must start the game or the innings. If the listed pitcher on whom you have placed your bet fails to start the game then your bet is not taken into consideration and your money is refunded. The same applies when you bet on a specific pitcher. The best option to place a good bet is to bet on the action team. So regardless of the starting pitchers your bet is always in action. The team action against the listed pitcher is also a good betting option. This bet is good regardless of whether the listed pitcher starts the game or not. But one should take notice that their bet is in action only if the opposing team does not start the game.

Rules for baseball betting

Winners and losers are official only after they have placed their bet on minimum 5 innings. If a match is suspended or is postponed then the bet is not taken into consideration and the money is refunded. The maximum payout is 100,000 euros. The bets placed are valid only if all the games start on the scheduled time and date.

So a good bet is always the one which is placed with the help of you instincts and by taking the rules into consideration.




Remember, you can beat the odds, but you can't beat the percentages.
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