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Your Online Gambling Guide – Wanna Bet It Will Help You to Win?!

By Jerry Whittaker

Just about anything you would like to take a bet on, can be found in gambling online; there are slots, blackjack, roulette, live dealer gambling games, bingo, baccarat, poker, sports-betting, scratch cards, pull-tabs, mobile gambling, gin rummy, and a whole host of poker themed casino games. You will even find video poker, Asian and skill games where money can be won, and lottery tickets can also be bought online. Bearing all of this in mind and the fact that so many thousands of sites offer, or purport to offer these services; if you are going to gamble online, the best friend you could possibly have is a good online gambling guide.

 It is not so much that an online gambling guide will help you to win; no matter how many hot winning tips they apparently give away, these don’t necessarily help. But, the one very important role a guide site plays is to help you not to lose. So, basically what a good guide will do is take you through the paces of the industry, and ensure that you know how to choose a great site. They will recommend the best sites, or the online casinos they have found to be best, and will also let you know which websites have been blacklisted. But what is casino blacklisting?

 This is basically the same as any black-listing, when an online casino has been naughty and customers complain; a good online gambling guide will list their name in the ‘naughty’ section at their site.  

 A blacklisting is not a formal structure; the formal regulatory and legal matters are taken care of by a licensing jurisdiction. However, when a licensing jurisdiction is not that great, a casino, poker, sports-betting or bingo website does not have to be that great either. It is better not to play at these websites. For example – any website licensed in Alderney, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta and a couple of other places are really safe to play. But, and this is a very BIG BUT, we even came across one casino just a few weeks ago that was operating online and had no license. When we requested that they give us their licensing details – we were told the company was registered and licensed in the British Virgin Islands – BVI is not a licensing jurisdiction….big surprise?!

 Basically your guide will keep you on the straight and narrow, make sure you are warned against sites of this nature, teach you what to look out for when gambling online, and make sure you get off to a good start. They generally focus on the best, and this certainly increases your odds of winning, or if you prefer, lessens your chances of losing your shirt.