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The Free Online Casino – Do You Really Get Something for Nothing?

By Jerry Whittaker

Is it true that you get something for nothing when you play at a so-called ‘Free Online Casino?” Well, it all depends on your mindset really, but definitely the more you play the more you get for free. So, why do they call them free online casinos?

Basically, just like anything for free, this is an obvious marketing ploy. Online casinos do this, just like any other service will do, even your local delicatessen will let you try out a product for free, because if you like it you just might buy it. So, online casinos give away free cash for new members or potential members to try out the games. Then when the player joins up and becomes a member, they get even more for free. This means that as long as you are a pay for play member, you definitely get stuff for free.

There is generally a first time deposit bonus, then after that, a re-load bonus, as well as bonus points for earned loyalty.  The more the member plays the more loyalty points they earn and the higher up the VIP ladder they travel, the higher the points earnings are.

Free online casinos offer special promotions where prize draws are given away, and again, depending how you look at this, this is something for free. The more the member plays a certain game, the more entries into the prize draw they get for free. VIP members of many casino websites earn excellent free prizes, but it pays to remember that everything comes at a price, so the more money is spent on playing a promotional game, the bigger the free prizes might be, but make sure they are worth it first. Of course there is always the possibility that you might win big when playing the games required to qualify for the promotions.

Like just about everything in life, to gamble is to take a risk. If you believe that gambling is the only risky business in this world, then perhaps it is time to change the way that you think. There are risks in life, in love, even when going to the grocery store and picking a ripe avocado. How do you know it is going to be good inside; you take a gamble don’t you? 

Just the same as any other life situation, when you take a risk, you make sure it is not too much of a gamble. The same should apply to taking an online gamble, because if a store makes you an offer that is too good to be true, you might shy away. The same is true of the free online casino; if it looks too good to be true – it generally is. Stick to the tried and trusted brands with good reputations, they give away tons of free stuff, but they don’t tie you in knots with wagering requirements, and all kinds of other terms and conditions.