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Online Casinos – Relative Volatility in Keno, it’s all In the Numbers

By: Jerry Whittaker It is not only in online casinos that volatility plays a role, it plays a role in all casino games and this is a term meaning fluctuations up and down, in winning and losing. Volatility is chiefly used with regard to slots but in keno it also applies as standard deviations are […]

The reasons for online casinos enormous popularity

Gambles were played hundreds of years ago but the first “centers” for playing such games were built in the previous century. They soon became very popular and their owners made millions from owing the buildings, later called “casinos”. Nowadays, everything seems to change. All activities we could do in real could now be done online […]

The most popular gambling games played in the online casinos

The online casinos have become very popular all over the world as they developed so much that offer hundreds of games in the cozy atmosphere of your home but at the same time manage to make you feel as if you were in a real casino. Although there are hundreds of games offered, most of […]