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Will UIGEA Be the Demise of the US Online Gambling Casino

By Jerry Whittaker Most people who are aux fait with the online gambling casino genre, have some knowledge of the processes of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and how it affects this industry. This act was promulgated in 2006; and quite literally saw gambling casinos online going out of business overnight. It also […]

No stakes for you, Monsieur

Things have changed massively in the last couple of years and Seine has seen different tides sweeping its banks and France, the country that once gave the Riviera Casinos a free hand for an industry approval, now sings a different tune. That said – online gambling is now a restricted phenomenon by the French government, […]

German Law Banning Online Gambling Challenged

The tussle between the law makers and owners of online gambling sites is full of twists and turns before reaching the crescendo.  Closely following the legal battle between the U.S. law enforcing agencies and offshore online gambling corporate in Antigua, where a compensation has been awarded by the World Trade Organization Tribunal in favor of […]

Online Gambling Survey in Nevada

The Las Vegas Review Journal recently published the results of a survey conducted by the International Gaming Institute of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas on the online gambling habits of Nevadans and the possibility of allowing online gaming websites operating in Nevada for Nevadans only. What did the Institute’s survey say?  An overwhelming […]


The answer to the above question is an emphatic “No” judging from the view points pouring over and over from across the cyber-world in forums and blogs. The outbursts of those who are watching the governments poking their nose into what is happening in the gambling world, particularly the net-world, are so strong as a […]