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Slot Casino Games: Limits and Liability

By: Jerry Whittaker

Slots casino games are tremendous fun to play, they are games that have been played popularly for over a century and they have taken a remarkable turn for the better since becoming available online. They are also the most commonly played games and not all slot casinos allow all games to pay unlimited prizes. Games have to be limited firstly to ensure the casino doesn’t go bust paying out winners, and secondly, to not encourage reckless gambling.

Casinos control games by limiting the maximum win, the number of pay lines and the total bet per spin. They may also limit the coin denomination as payouts are based on a ratio of the coins wagered.

When you play slots casino games these often feature free spins and bonus rounds and these may also be limited; they generally are. If a player gets very lucky and they certainly do, then the free spins or bonus rounds can be re-triggered. There needs to be an upper limit and when this is reached by the player, regardless of if they have free spins left, the game will no longer pay out. This will happen even if the free spins granted are not all consumed and this needs to be understood.

Some of these games have a gamble feature too and this allows the player to multiply the money they have already won. This could as much as double or multiply the winnings by more. The gamble feature obviously also needs to be limited, however it does pay to bear in mind that some games of a similar nature at one casino, may pay more at another. Once again with the gamble feature if the player reaches the limit they can no longer play in the gamble feature and will automatically be returned to the main game to continue playing.

Some games have incredibly high limits, and some slots casinos offer games with no limits at all. Mega Moohla is one such game and it features a progressive jackpot prize. The game is refunded with one million pounds or dollars, whatever the currency unit may be, and it grows and grows until it is won. Clover Rollover is another good example of a slots game with a progressive jackpot prize.

There is a version of keno which also pays out very large amounts and as this is a high volatility game, comparisons should be made by players who wish to get the best value for money. If you can pay $15 for 15 numbers and get the potential to win $100 000, it is better than a keno game which costs you $15 for 15 numbers and only the potential to pay you out $20 000!