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Online Gambling Scams

Just like various scams floating on the Internet, there are also such scams floating about on online gambling.  For every genuine product in the market, there is also a duplicate, which is a clever fake..

How it is done is simple. Just as you find a good coder to convert your site into a safe, secure one, there is someone else who is doing just the opposite, writing a code to overcome those security systems you put in place.

When the Pentagon computers were hacked, what chances do you have?

Anyway, the topic is the same as the one you face when you lock your doors at home and go away for some time. You have trip wires, your lights switch on automatically when it is programmed to do so, but your door remains locked! So If I am observing you, I would expect to see at least one or two people moving around, wouldn’t I? The movie Home Alone is a very good guide, even though there is a boy inside the house!

So how does one know which site is the right one or not?

Well you can search through the browsers and using their look ups to see what and where the gambling sites are. There are now a number of securities blocks (software) which show whether it is a proper site or not. Like Verisign, and so many others. All you have to do is to click on that security sign, and it will tell you it’s veracity, whether it is valid or not.

·         Even better, is the OS now coming from the vendors of software. They contain inbuilt firewalls, safety features, which enable or disable the ActiveX controls that are often required to access the site.

·         Second, if you are not sure, check out its website once again. People are now beginning to post their comments on the site online, whether they got scammed out of money, or whether they were not paid.

·         Third, if you get an email from a casino or gambling house announcing that you are a winner of x amount of pounds sterling, or dollars, or whatever currency, it sure is a fake. If you have not applied and paid for gambling, how come you won? These sites are known as 409 ones. Check out Lottery Scams in the search engines. Real sites would not be doling out those sums for free.

Another simple check: Check your mail. See where it coming from, and in the “to” box, see if you email id is there. If it is not there, it is certainly a mass mailer, and would be asking you to deposit a particular sum of money to collect the amount if you are not collecting it personally. You bet that when you go personally, you would be directed elsewhere. Try their phone, it will be picked up and you will be routed through that number to an undisclosed number and destination.

Try another check. Try replying to it, by pasting the email id on your favorite mail system. You will find it does not go to the email id of the sender but elsewhere, because that’s embedded in that fancy, legitimate name and email id ! When I hear more about these, I will try and let you know!


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