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Online Casino Poker – The Game for Thinkers and Gentlemen

By Jerry Whittaker

The popularity of playing online casino poker has seen unprecedented growth and this in effect has encouraged the growth of this game worldwide. It is an exciting game and it no longer has the reputation for being a seedy saloon game that only the bad barroom brawling boys play. There are some real gentlemen playing this game and because of the advent of online casino poker, plenty of youngsters have made it from online play to winning the biggest poker tournament of them all. The World Series of Poker, first introduced by the one and only Benny Binion, and the first player to do this was Chris Moneymaker in 2003.

He won the final table event at the WSOP much to the shock and horror of casino poker traditionalists. Until that time it had been believed that the online poker player was of an inferior breed. But the best thing about this young man was he did it with a bankroll of $39, and it is in this where the secret gift of playing online casino poker lies – building a bankroll for bigger and better events.
If you want to know how Chris Moneymaker built his bankroll and got into this game, it is no big secret. It is all over the internet and anyone with half the mind to use this process can. The following year in 2004 Greg Rainer took the floor, also from playing online poker and he too won the WSOP championship table event. Both of these poker pros were and are still members of the biggest casino poker site ever – Poker Stars.

One young man who is currently only 24 years old and has retired from playing professional poker, is Peter Eastgate. He took the WSOP title in 2008 to win $9 million. He has since made an additional $1 million playing and as it was his goal to play poker to become financially independent, he has achieved what he set out to accomplish.

Also a Poker Stars online poker star; Eastgate is one of casino pokers’ “gentlemen”, he says he now needs to decide what he wants to do with the rest of his life, but it is commendable to see that he has not allowed poker to gobble him up and spit him out.
Many young potential poker players could learn some very big lessons from him. He believes that playing online poker offers the player the freedom and opportunity to lead a fulfilling and varied life. He calls poker “this enchanting game” and at 24 years old, he can hardly be called a man of the world. But his wisdom is timeless and it is the youngsters like Peter Eastgate, Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker and more who are the “gentlemen” role models of for the young poker players of the future. They couldn’t have better!